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Veterans & Military Members

We offer a great deal of resources related to military/Veteran travel. Military members receive a great deal of vacation days, as well as additional days to travel between duty assignments. We can make you aware of vacation deals for Veterans that will allow you to see the world. There are many hotel discounts for military members and Veterans, affordable cruises for military families, and full-service military resorts available to you. Vacations for military members and Veterans can be affordable. Here at Military Connection, we know the best travel companies for military personnel and Veterans, and can point you in the right direction. We have helped to plan many great vacations for military members, and can help you as well.

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As PCS season kicks off, it’s time to take advantage of some of these great offers. As your family moves from duty station to duty station, rather than rush to the next location, enjoy the journey. Spending time together enriches all relationships, be it a marriage, or parent-child relationship. Building on either strengthens the family foundation. Vacations for military members make memories, and can provide an opportunity to talk with one another, learn new skills, or discover new interests.

At, we can put you in touch with travel companies that cater to the military and Veteran markets.

These companies offer hotel discounts for military and Veterans. Many cruise lines offer military and Veteran discounts too. There are all types of vacations for military and Veterans that fit into your budget. Need a place last minute? We have travel companies that specialize in space available, short notice planning and provide military and Veterans priority travel reservations. This is perfect for military families trekking cross-country between duty stations. One company that we work with offers seven-night vacation rentals for military and Veterans at a set fee of $349 per week, with locations available around the world.

As a military member, you have a unique opportunity to see the world. This applies not only to your job, but also to the vacation and travel time you have available. At Military Connection we believe in the importance of military/Veteran travel, and are excited to make you aware of the best vacation deals for military and Veterans you will find anywhere.  

The wonders of the world are waiting. Pack your bags and go see them!