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With so many problems in the world, we are always happy to "lighten the load" and feature some uplifting, positive stories. One person who absolutely sees the glass as half full is Bob Dotson. Dotson believes that even the most ordinary Americans have done something extraordinary in their lives; it's just a matter of digging for the story. For the last 40 years, Dotson has crisscrossed the country to search out these inspiring stories, and bring them to the millions of NBC's "Today" show viewers. "American Stories with Bob Dotson" has won hundreds of awards, including a record six Edward R. Murrow Awards! Since there were far too many stories to share in his five minutes segments, Dotson has compiled them in his new book, AMERICAN STORY: A Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.

If you like this story, here is a link so you can purchase this book full of amazing American stories.

5/17/2013HTMLSecret Soldiers Emerge From Shadows
5/16/2013HTMLWounded Warrior Comic Mines Hilarity from Horror
4/29/2013HTMLThe Fighting Grossmans
4/29/2013HTMLWounded Warrior Meets Life’s Challenges
4/26/2013HTMLThey Wash The Wall

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