Military Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA)

What is it?
This allowance is designed to reimburse you for overseas costs associated with living in privately-owned or privately-leased quarters. It addresses three specific needs: one-time rent-related expenses, modification of homes for security protection and the initial cost of making a home habitable.

OCONUS only.

How is it figured?
Rates change with currency rates and location. See your base relocation manager.

Special note:
The State Department rules whether a location is a "high threat" area.

Per Diem Allowance

What is it?
The Per Diem Allowance is designed to reimburse you and your family for the costs associated with meals and lodging when you travel to your new duty station.


How is it figured?
The 2003 Per diem rates <> for travel by air are available online. Per diem rates for car travel are based on a flat $50 rate. In computing per diem, the military uses 350 miles per day as the standard one-day travel distance.

To determine the number of days per diem, take the Official Government Mileage between duty stations and divide by 350. An additional day of travel is allowed if the remainder is 51 miles or more.

Per diem rates vary by the person's age. Each family member is entitled to a different percentage of the applicable per diem rate on the days they are eligible:

Service member 100% of the rate
Spouse 75% of the rate
Children over 12 75% of the rate
Children under 12 50% of the rate

The total per diem reimbursement on your move is the sum of the allowable per diem for each family member.

Example: The per diem is in this case is assumed to be $50, and there is a spouse, six-year-old child and a thirteen year-old child in the family in addition to the service member.

Member $50.00
Spouse (@75%) 37.50
Child over 12 (@ 75%) 37.50
Child under 12 (@ 50%) 25.00
Total per diem = $150.00

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