Generally, a military members moving needs will fall into one of the following:

Continental United States (CONUS)

Any move within the continental United States. This makes up the majority of our business, and in most cases is done by the contract carrier assigned by the government by the member as a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move, in some areas by Service-member Arranged Move (SAM), or a combination of the above.

Local Move
A door-to-door move within the local area, with no storage involved. Most common are moves into and out of government quarters.

Overseas Move
A move from the continental United States to an overseas location, including Alaska and Hawaii, is considered an overseas moves. Family member entry approval is required for some locations.

Home of Record or Combination of Orders Move
This move involves shipment of household goods from a location other than within your current local area, or another area in the continental United States or overseas. It is the most complex move because of the paperwork involved.

Deployment Storage
If deployed with a ship or squadron for 90 days or more, some members (single and geographic bachelors) may be eligible to store household goods at government expense.

Do-It-Yourself - DITY
Members who volunteer to move themselves and meet all requirements are entitled to 95 percent of what it would cost the government to pay a government contracted carrier. Most members can receive up to 60 percent of this amount in advance, to help cover the expenses of their move. Some restrictions apply.

Your moving entitlements depend in large measure on your orders and what is written in them.

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