Thank you for the fantastic resources your website provides for our military men and women.

Rick Helwick
NAVSTA Everett Fleet & Family Support Center

Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done over the years in helping Gwinnett County Government to recruit and hire so many veterans. I don't think we could have been so successful without your assistance.

Your online recruitment gets our message out to thousands of vets who are looking for employment opportunities. Over the many years we have worked together, you are a highly valued and appreciated partner.

Thanks for all your assistance over the last nine to ten years.

Rick Veit

Staffing Specialist
Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

There aren’t enough words in any language that can express just how much she and Military Connection mean to me. It was 2003 in Iraq, my squad and I were returning from a mission when the unthinkable happened, we happened upon an IED (improvised explosive device). The explosion completely disintegrated 1 HMMWV killing 5, critically disabling my HMMWV, and by the time the dust had settled I was the only 1 of 8 injured that had survived. Fast forward to 2011 my body had pretty much long since healed, but unbeknownst there was a undiagnosed silent killer inside me that was about to rear it ugly head. Its name… Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I could write a screenplay worthy of the Best Original Screenplay Oscar about my bout with PTSD, but I won’t. I’ll just say that from the time I returned for good from Iraq in 2009 to 2011 it systematically stole EVERYTHING I had, and all because I had no clue what it was. On 11/18/11 I found myself standing in a 2nd story window ledge begging God 1 last time to help me figure out what was going on. Just like a movie “Ah Ha” moment my cell phone rang and it was Debbie. She tapped every Military Connection resource she could and 2 days later I was in Los Angeles beginning my road to reclamation. It has been over a year now, things have not been easy, but I am still here and more determined than ever to put a face, my face, out there to expose PTSD for what it really is. Debbie and the Military Connection family have not only saved my life, they have stuck by me and supported me through it all, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Leshonda “Shy” Gill

Hi Debbie, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your newsletter and thank you for a great job.

Marion Rogers
Virginia Beach

I am the adjutant at Disabled American Veterans, Harmony Chapter #18 in Lakewood, Washington. I really enjoy reading your newsletter and I use a number of the articles in our own newsletter that we send to our members. Thanks for the wonderful tidbits you choose in your newsletter. They are very informative and useful.

Jake Holeman, Adjutant
DAV Harmony Chapter 18

Dear Debbie, I applaud your sterling efforts to keep us all informed. This newsletter today is timely and full of worthy information. Many thanks for your great efforts.

Bill Gavitt

I have followed you with all that you provide since 2008. You should feel proud for the service you provide to our troops. A very informative service. Thank you again,

Jerry Storms/MSgt/USMC/ Retired

Debbie Gregory has established the platinum standard for generating opportunities for military members and their families. Over the past few years Debbie has expanded her influence across the country -- from southern California to the White House, in her single-minded quest to care for servicemembers and military families. From job and education opportunities, to discounted vacations, to lobbying for policy changes, no detail is too small and no obstacle too large for Debbie; she moves mountains! It is a true source of comfort to know that Debbie "has our backs covered." May 5, 2012

Colonel James (Jim) Seaton, III, Former Base Commander, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

At International Cruise and Excursions (ICE), we have found to be a very effective marketing tool to reach the military community. Our brand in the military market, Government Vacation Rewards, began our marketing program with less than 90 days ago. We have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from our on-going advertising campaign with them. We have increased our membership and travel newsletter subscribers by more than 4,000 new members.

The staff at are not only a pleasure to work with, but they are willing to go the extra mile to provide a creative, professional and unique approach to reaching the military market. We are grateful for their guidance and expert advice, and it is my pleasure to highly recommend them.

COL R. John Cully USA, Ret V.P. Government and Sponsored Sales International Cruise and Excursions (ICE)

I found my current job on It’s a great resource for employment, as well as having so many great resources for everything military. Debbie Gregory and her staff are always eager to help and are the ultimate professionals!

Cheryl Lemire

You and your organization have come a long way and are doing so many things for us veterans. I am proud of you, and glad that you and I connected early when you first started. As we used to say in the Navy, "BRAVO ZULU" for an outstanding job. Well done. I salute you, Debbie, and your staff. Thanks for the great newsletter. If I can do anything for you and your organization in the future, just ask.

Larry St Pierre
Senior Technical Recruiter

Your newsletter is a wonderful package with a wealth of Information! Thank You for the development of this package! Please keep this "Excellent Package Alive"!

Jim Dockter
Bella Vista, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my endorsement of Debbie Gregory, CEO, I have known Debbie for over a decade and I consider her a pacesetter for veterans of the armed forces and military families. My relationship with Debbie began during my tenure at Sutter Health Corporate HR Division in Northern California as my mission was to implement a technology solution within 26 healthcare organizations. I partnered with Debbie to brand the organization on the internet and our results were impressive. During the last seven years; Debbie and I have consulted on projects for veterans and military families.

Debbie’s leadership traits, business acumen and passion to serve the military community are a testament to her character, integrity, and willingness to help others in need. Her strategic, creative, and innovative thinking skills distinguish her from others that serve veterans as she singularly transformed military web sites for veterans. She is a conduit for change and is committed to enhancing the military experience for the men and women who commit their lives to the defense of this country. Debbie created initiatives which allow veterans to learn about benefits, career and business opportunities, and various support groups for those that served this great country.

Finally, I respect and admire Debbie’s tireless efforts to create a venue for veterans and military families. It is a pleasure to have Debbie as a colleague and I view her as an executive with core values, dedicated to her family, and devoted to making a difference for veterans. Without question, I highly recommend Debbie Gregory as a committed business partner to campaign for veteran’s rights and services.

Keith L. Vencel, MS, MHCS
Human Resource Executive & Faculty Practitioner
University of Phoenix, Northern California Region,
United States Air Force, Captain, Retired

The California Department of Veteran Affairs (CDVA) really appreciates and regularly uses the Military Connection website ( This website has virtually every type of service and benefit that a veteran would need to make the successful transition from military to civilian life. The employment part of the site is particularly robust and helpful. As we all know, employment is the number one concern of all veterans. The virtual job fair, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides veterans the connections and leads they need to get the gainful employment necessary to support them and their families. The articles, reference material and statistics are helpful for both service providers and the veteran community. We are particularly impressed with the family information available. CDVA strongly supports Military Connection, and has signed an MOU to continue to work with them in support of the 1,970,000 veterans in California. The CEO of Military Connection, Debbie Gregory, is the epitome of service to the veteran community. She works tirelessly to give back to the veteran and military communities for the service they have rendered on behalf of our country. Debbie uses her very valuable connections in the business and entertainment worlds to further the causes of veterans in this country and state. There are not very many veteran service organizations that do not know and do business with Debbie Gregory. She is a veteran’s best friend.

Ted Puntillo
Deputy Secretary Veteran Services
California Department of Veteran Affairs

Thank you for helping our veterans. You took an idea and made a great success of it.

Mike Dunn
Los Agneles Fire Department Captain (Ret) & Conejo Valley Unified SChool Board Member

Dear Debbie,

It has been some time since we connected but I want to tell you what an incredible service you are doing for the military and their families along with veterans. I congratulate you for your remarkable service for america’s finest. You will find it of interest that my artwork titled american highrise is now destined to be one of the most widely distributed and accepted pieces of art in recorded history. The ever expanding roster now includes seven american presidents, the leaders of 100 nations and counting, two popes, and the list expands weekly. Recently an exhibit of American Highrise went on permanent display onboard the latest nuclear aircraft carrier USS George H.W.Bush (cvn 77). I wish you continued success with your great work.

Richard Daniel Clark
Presidential Inaugural Artist
United States of America

The Military Connection site has such helpful information for the active-duty and veteran. My son, college student and veteran, is using the site in his job search.

Toni Trotman
Mother of a Marine

Ms. Gregory:

The site has so much valuable information not only for the active duty but for the family members. I hope you are able to push out to all. This is one email that does not get put into the spam folder for deletion.


Angela Peterson

What an incredible web site. Thank you so much this VERY informative site. As a retired Army Staff Sergeant in San Diego, CA. (mainly retired Navy) I'm looking forward to a job search I'm about to begin.

Thanks again great job.

Gary Basey, SSG, ret.
U.S. Army

Dear Debbie &,

Thank you for all the time and effort you've put into your 2010 MCM campaign for Fisher House Foundation. We truly appreciate the funds and awareness you've raised for the Foundation by reaching out to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Keep up the great work!

The team total passed the $100,000 mark yesterday! WOOHOO!


Cathy & Stacey

For the past two years the Iraq Star Foundation has enjoyed immensely it's affiliation with Debbie Gregory and Military Connection. Military Connection has been the Go To Site for our wounded warriors to locate available services in every medium. Military Connection joined forces with Iraq Star in the media promotion of our 2009 fundraiser A NIGHT OF HONOUR. It was Debbie Gregory's efforts and her tremendous website that brought together 580 attendees. Debbie, we are extremely grateful for your support of our veterans and for providing them with your fabulous source of aid in their time of need. You are an inspiration.

Maggie Lockridge
RN President/Founder
Iraq Star, Inc.


These look great, and I have to tell you that the award was absolutely stunning. Elaine was so taken back by it and didn't want to let go of it. I want you to know what a pleasure it has been doing this with you even though I really came in at the end.

You are a professional to the end, and an absolute delight to work with. It is our hope that Silver Star Families of America and Military do a project together again soon. Thank you again for all that you did to make this happen and make it possible.

Looking forward to seeing the presentation award ceremony to Dr. Anthony Biascan. If I can be of any help please let me know.

Blessings to you,

Sunshine Roth, President
Silver Star Families of America

"Allied Schools values our long-standing relationship with Debbie Gregory. It is an honor to partner with someone who truly cares about today's troops and continually strives to go above and beyond to support service members nationwide. Military Connection is the premier site for military-related information and resources, and a huge benefit to the entire military community. We thank Debbie for always supporting Allied Schools and look forward to continuing to show her our own support for many years to come."

Colby Burke
Director of Marketing
Allied Schools

We have used Military Connection for many years, with outstanding results!!  I have been screening hundreds of applications so far this year, and I have seen many of the applications referred thru your web page to ours. Thanks for the site, the outstanding customer service, and the outstanding results!! You will always be part of our recruitment plan and activities!!

Rick Veit,
Sr. Recruiter
Gwinnett County Government

"We have renewed our contract for advertising because of the success that we have experienced using This site is one of our top producers for military applicants." - Rick Veit     *added 6/7/06*
"We are having a recording breaking year for recruitment for Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff's, and is a large reason for our success!" - Rick Veit    *added 9/7/06*

We appreciate and the opportunities this web site provides to reach and recruit viable military candidates.   Valuable information and resources for everyone are presented in an easy to navigate format.

Eugene E. Eichler,
Save The World Air, Inc.

I wanted to pass on my thanks for the terrific website you have.  I've used it a lot, sent the link to all my military and ex military friends (I just retired after 23 years in the Air Force) and they all rave about it too. 
I like the way the site looks, its ease of use, its content..........I can't say enough good things about it.  Thanks again, and kudos to the webmaster.

Linda Kiff,

I am still looking at the web site and so far I think it’s great. I wish I had a resource like this when I had first gotten out of the Army after Desert Storm. I am sure the site will be used often by me in my recruiting and with the people in my unit when I show them this great resource.


Having served in the military for over 23 years in recruiting and staffing both military and corporate, I have relied on technology for the right military connection. Although it is not in my nature to promote just one internet based military type search company, I feel that Military Connection has far exceeded my expectations for searching just about anything for today’s veteran. This site goes one step further than most internet websites and reaches out to the spouse of the veteran. Having the right search engine is a must in this high tech world of internet job hunting. Military Connection is high class, diversified and very easy to use for just about anyone. Overall, I would say “It’s a sticky site”, one you need to have access to as a veteran everyday for information. This a superb job, well done!

David Suszko
USAF, SMSgt, Ret

I recently used as an online resource to find insurance for my family. I found the website to be an extremely valuable tool to navigate the benefits and special offers available that are often hard to find for members of the Navy reserve. I highly recommend this resource to all my fellow sailors and marines.


Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Gorell,
United States Navy Reserve

I thought your web site is outstanding and a real service to our vets.

Semper Fi,

TC Crouson

Congratulations to everyone at on your new site! What a great tool for military personnel – active, retirees, and veterans – and their families. The site is well-designed, contains tons of information, and is super-easy to navigate. The Virtual Mall is a nice feature, too. We’re pleased to be included in this new venture – the staff at has been great to work with, and we’re looking forward to working with them more in the future. Best wishes for a successful year at

Cheryl Stone
Director of Operations

We published the article by Paul X. Rutz of the American Forces Press Service about your web site. Your site is an excellent site. Great Job! Thanks for what you do and your dedication to our military families.

David White
Deputy Chief, Well-Being Division

I just wanted to let you know that your website is awesome! One of the best I've seen to date! Very user friendly with all the information pertaining to all the military branches. The best (for me) is the Virtual Job Fair and the list of employers. I'm retired Air Force and always looking for new opportunities. The list of employers is a great tool for job seekers as we just don't know about all the companies that are out there. I was impressed with everything Military had to offer! Needless to say this but I'm recommending your site to all my family & friends. Keep up the good work!

Tony White
SMSgt, USAF Retired

Any Soldier Inc. is proud to be partners with They offer a huge number of services to our military personnel in an easy and free web site.

Marty Horne
SFC, USA MP, Retired
Any Soldier Inc.

I am a Local Veteran Employment Rep and have found this website to not only be very useful, but I receive answers to all of my questions/concerns in a very timely manner. For those veterans out there looking for jobs - consider it a tool for job searching. Don't get caught up in the sending of resumes to hundreds of employers in a week - but find out about the company and word your cover letter showing them you cared enough to look into their company. Remember there are also Veteran reps out there waiting to assist you also. Good luck!

Dempsey Leon Murphy Jr.
Jacksonville Local Veterans Employee Rep

This is an absolutely wonderful website. I'm extremely impressed. I hope you and the other folks there get the word out to the military community about this. Obviously, everyone there has put a great deal of thought and effort into this.

The presentation is truly first class, and the information is invaluable not only to active, but to retired members, and perhaps more importantly, to those considering a military career.

All best wishes for your success, and thank you. May God bless your noble work. There is never enough we can do to thank our service members and families for their incredible sacrifices, the only thing that guarantees our freedoms.

Major Lloyd Bryant,
USAF (Retired)

I went into the website and it has everything helpful. Thanks for having all this offered to us, it really helps.
Thank You,

Nuvia Hernandez, SrA
Sather Air Base, Iraq

Your web site provides our men and women in uniform, veterans and their family members a portal of incredible resources for everything. Military Connection’s Directory of Employers is extraordinarily comprehensive, the Virtual Job Fair is an excellent tool to connect candidates and employers, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of services on this web site. We thank Military Connection for placing charities front and center by facilitating help and donations. These generous acts speak volumes about the corporate conscience of this company and its principals. Your website continues to have a positive impact on the quality of life of “our greatest national treasure…our military service men and women and their loved ones.” Your company’s commitment to our military service members is even more meaningful as our thoughts and prayers are with America’s service men and woman engaged in Operations Enduring Freedom and Operations Iraqi Freedom. The many military service members, who will benefit from your website and thoughtfulness, join me in expressing our collective appreciation for your generosity. Pen Pals For Soldiers is proud to be working with Military Connection and we look forward to the future.

Barry Thomas, President
Pen Pals for Soldiers

The website looks great. It is very impressive and it should help consolidate all of the information needed to inform and educate visitors. Great Job!
We would love to be a part of it!

Bob Bergquist
Cell Phones for Soldiers

This is an EXCELLENT Website, very easy to navigate. I also sent it to 4 of our IT guys, all with military background/experience; they all thought it was very good also. One of the guys gave me another URL with similar purpose, URL:, it is good also but I think is more robust and easier to more effectively navigate (i.e. Job Search).

John O'Connor
Retired Aerospace Program/Contracts Manager

Thank you for the privilege of interviewing Debbie Gregory, Founder of MilitaryConnection.Com on our March 26, 2006 TalkingwithHeroes.Com Talk Show. You have a great site and you are providing very important services for our troops and their families.

Bob Calvert, Founder

All of this sounds great. It is nice to have all those resources in one spot.
Thank you.

Sgt. Sandoval
Al Assad Air Base, Iraq

Military Connection is a comprehensive site that provides a wealth of incredibly useful resources for active and retired military personnel and their families. The site is well-organized, easy to navigate and packed with the kind of information and links that should make it a bookmarked Favorite for virtually anyone even peripherally related to the military community.”

Bob O’Donnell,
Host of “O’Donnell on Technology”
ABC Radio affiliate KSFO, San Francisco
Author of “Personal Computer Secrets”, published by Wiley & Sons.

Military candidates are excellent and dedicated employees. provides many valuable tools for employers who want to hire military. The numerous databases, resources and information on this web site are impressive and very comprehensive. One does not need to be in the military to benefit from what this web site offers because there is something for everyone. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Philip E. Gatch
City Manager City of Thousand Oaks, Retired

It is always a challenge to hire and retain good employees. I am very impressed with all of the resources that your web site offers employers. There was obviously a great deal of thought, time and energy that went into your excellent web site. I think your Charity Connection makes it easy for employers like me to find out about some worthy charities too. I like the idea that a portion of my advertising dollars goes directly to these groups and applaud your efforts. Thank you.

Larry Borovay, President
Financial Recovery Network


Jim Flynn
Retired Executive
General Electric

I was an Army spouse for almost twenty years, moving frequently and having to find new jobs. I wish back then that military spouses had a resource such as This web site has much to offer and is easy to navigate. I found thousands of employers as well as information on benefits, commissaries and much more. The coupons are awesome. I found the Job Tips and Interviewing Questions particulary helpful. I will be telling all of my friends, relatives and colleagues about this awesome web site. Thank you.

Judi Wagner
Married to the Military for 20 years

I only wish there was such a site years ago when I left active duty and needed a job, just when there happened to be a recession and nobody seemed to be hiring. The transition from military to civilian life can be quite difficult, especially for people with family responsibilities. This site can help ease that process. There are other sites that cater to military types but this one appears to fill a niche that isn't served by any of the others. I don't need a job anymore but I look forward to visiting the Military Connection Site regularly."

John Relle Jr.
Commander, USCGR Ret.

I have visited this site many times. It is absolutely great! I will certainly pass it on to our chapter members and to others in the community.
Thanks again!

Dan Toma
President,TREA Chapter 94
Warner Robins GA 31098

As a retired member of the U.S. Army, I found your site both informative and useful. The information addressed my needs and I would certainly consider your site when I advertise for employees in the future. Your programs to support members of our Armed Services are also excellent. Thank you for a job "Well Done."

1st Lieutenant John F. Reid,
U.S. Army, Retired

The Military Connection website is a blessing to our separating soldiers. It's the best one-stop-shop I've ever seen for jobs for veterans. We recommend the site to many of the separating soldiers that we work with.

Amy Palmer
Executive VP of Operations
Operation Homefront/CinCHouse

I wanted to take a minute to comment on what a great website and resource Military Connection has set up. The site is thorough, easy to navigate, and comprehensive. I found it very easy to use and find things of interest.

Jill York

Great site and great information provided.  Thank you and keep up the good work.

Judy Tipton
Civ 66 MSS/DPF

I am in the Navy League in Ft. Lauderdale. I was blown away by your site. Great job!

Christopher J. Donnelly
Senior Vice President
Mesirow Financial, Inc.

Thank you for a terrific resource! You have conveniently put so much useful information at my fingertips, especially the Yellow Pages and world time clock. These tools sure come in handy when you have family, friends and associates all over the world. And the Charity Connection- what a great idea! You are truly a good Corporate citizen.

Semper Fi,

Major Mark Shuster

I looked at your site and find it interesting and helpful to veterans and transitioning Marines.

Jim Haslam

Thank you for providing a website with so many resources and so much useful information. Your site provides savings (in the form of coupons and discounts) a must for a family living on a limited budget, scholarship and educational information and job opportunities. In addition, I found that the access to the different military departments was filled with much more valuable information and assistance.

Thank you for helping to keep the military and their family proud to serve and for truly contributing to the "One Nation, Under God; Indivisible" perspective.

Mrs. Walker, Civ, USAF

Your site is GREAT and what a help to all veterans.
Thank you.

John White (Grunt)
National President & CEO
POW-MIA Riders VMC, Inc.

I am absolutely impressed with your mission regarding the heroes who serve along with their families.  There is no more a noble cause than to honor those who have and do choose to fight for freedom.  Freedom is never free, lest we forget.  Your remarkable dedication as expressed in your website reflects the best of a grateful nation.  I am delighted to have connected to you and your organization

Richard Daniel Clark
Presidential Inaugural Artist
The American Highrise Foundation
Nashville, Tennessee

I have visited your site and found it to be an excellent site in design and content.

Thomas M Berry
National Director
National Native American Veterans Association is an invaluable tool and asset for anyone who is seeking employment and is transitioning from the military or for those firms and companies that want to find the best talent America has to offer. This site is the best I have seen and reduces all the time it takes to navigate the myriad of other web pages that offer "easy assistance". It is a virtual "arms room" where you can easily pick and choose the areas that are pertinent for successful job searching or job hiring.

LTC (Retired) Christian L. Kammermann
President and CEO
CLK Executive Decisions, LLC

Congratulations on a very professional website.

As President/secretary & webmaster of the Marine Corps Engineer Association, I'm always on the look out for websites that offer our 973 members "one-stop shopping" for their needs. Your site offers such a service. We have pre-WW II members to current active/reserve duty members, so there is a wide variation of informational needs.

I'm happy to add to our Links page. Keep up the great work. For GOD, Country, Corps & Family!!

Semper Fidelis

Ken Frantz
Col USMC (Ret)

Super website with the most details in one place that I can find. Use this as a source of information and news. Great way to get the word out and find out what is going on. Best website out there for the military, families and veterans. Thanks.

LTC Tom Lasser
Joint Forces Training Base
Los Alamitos, California

I am in the Navy League in Ft. Lauderdale. I was blown away by your site. Great job!

Chris Donnelly

Excellent job designing your website. There is much valuable information that our members can use.

John Meunier - Treasurer
82ND Airborne Division Association
Greater Hartford Chapter

T ouching lives
H elping Military Families
A answering needs
N urturing other's (eg.) Veterans
K eeping involved
Y our most gracious and positive attitude
O pening your heart to Military Spouses
U understanding the value of entrepreneurial spirit and service

Thank you again to you and your staff for taking care of our Military Families and Veterans. Your service is not only during special events or holidays seasons but also during the entire year. Keep up the great work.
Best Regards,
Jack Moxon/USMC/dav

Purple Heart Recipient

I am doing what all Americans should be doing, and that is taking care of the families of fallen soldiers. Our men and women in uniform give us freedom; we in turn need to comfort the families of our fallen. Our fallen heroes should never be forgotten and neither should their families. God bless this country, our soldiers and their families. God bless you and Military Connection for caring and making a difference to all those in need.

Freedom Quilts Inc
Betty Nielsen

The website is great.! I had not visited it before. The information I received from the site was extremely helpful.

Commander Marcia Britt
US Public Health Service

My name is Melvin Dulin and I work for Greene County Veterans Services. The web site is great.

Melvin Dulin
Greene County Veterans Services

Mrs. Gregory, I think what you are doing is remarkable… I give your website information out to all my families!!! Keep up the awesome job!!-

Lorena Vigil
Southeastern Family Assistance Center

Wanted to tell you I just checked out your site. This is awsome. I love how organized it is and also how easy to find what you are looking for. Thank you again for sending this to me. I just sent it out to some families.

Take care,

Kim Suchek
Family Assistance Specialist

I just took a look at your site, I think it is fantastic. There is a wealth of information there for everyone. I will certainly make sure that I print out some copies of your site to help you promote it. You did a wonderful job, I will make sure to send your page across America.  

Yours in Service,

Emily Afuola PTSD Chairwoman
Blue Star Mothers of America

I would like to make a comment about Military
They have been instrumental in our success in contacting the Military Families and have been supportive of our efforts in obtaining the necessary information to get donors for our various projects. Debbie is a jewel of a lady and I wish her to know that we of Homefront America Inc thank her with all our hearts for her ongoing support.

Semper Fi Debbie
Arthur Hasselbrink
Homefront America - Founder, President & CEO
Navy League - Orange County - Past President & currently Council Vice-President has been an invaluable resource to Homefront America and the families we serve. The owner, Debbie Gregory has and continues to donate her valuable time and resources - between running her own business - to helping organizations “reach out” to the military community. Her efforts are noble. Her energy is contagious, and her desire to help those who serve our great Nation is not only appreciated, but admirable.

Mamie Yong Maywhort
Homefront America - CoFounder, VP of Finance and Operations
United States Navy League, Orange County Council Membe

The Military Connection website is a remarkable and wonderful resource. Every time I bring it up I discover something new. I can see why it is held in such high regard by military organizations, families and veterans alike . . . to say nothing of its value to employers. Please keep up the good work.

Joe Krueger, CEO
The Marketing Machine

Military Connection is an invaluable tool that should be utilized much more then it is. This site is run by dedicated and compassionate people that put the care and well being of the Servicemember above their own. Thank You Military Connection for all you do for me.

Captain George Keller
United States Army

The Veteran Employment & Training staff in Southern Maryland want to say Thank You ! Your advertising helped to make our Veterans Job Fair a big success.

Edwin Downey, LVER (Local Veteran Employment Rep.)
Terry Singer, DVOP (Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist)
Rickmen Parker, DVOP (Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist)

I don't think I've told you yet today - You're the bomb! Thanks so much for all of your work to benefit servicemembers and their families. It means a lot to us!

Andrew J. Richardson
1LT, AG, US Army
US CENTCOM Public Affairs
Media Engagement Team Chief

Debbie, thanks for all you do for us and Lord bless you today!

Tom Hanlon
Chaplain Orange County Chapter 785
Mohave County Chapter 975
Vietnam Veterans of America

Thank you for the contributions military connection provides in improving the quality of life for our military members and their families. This resource is readily introduced to our Transition Assistance Program, referred to in career development workshops, and always one click away under my favorites. Once again, "Thank you for keeping me in the loop with this excellent resource!"

Joe Pagan
Employment Readiness Program Manager
Spouse Employment Program Manager
Pre-Separation/Transition Assistance Program Manager

Thank-you for this great resource! I will forward to our Vet rep along with all other Nevada JobConnect One-Stop partners. Keep up the great job.

Victoria Balint
Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board 
SN Rural JobConnect
Pahrump, Nevada

What a Wonderful website!!!

Tammi R. Nowlin
Career Consultant AR Workforce Center at Warren

The 9/11 Freedom Walk and ceremony at the Reagan Library was fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work putting the event together, and for the many valuable resources you offer through your website. Carry on the good work, you are a true patriot.     

Semper Fidelis,
Mike Sweeny

Thanks very much for posting our reunion announcement and link to our website. is making a great contribution to helping our nation's veterans. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Clendennen
Echo Company 2/7 Vietnam Veterans Chapter
1st Marine Division Association

Thank you for all that you do for everyone with a "military Connection"!

Semper Fi

Kevin McCoyd

SALUTE! … Merry Christmas to all of “YOU ANGELS” !!!
Thank you for allowing us this Humble Opportunity! Tennessee Veterans’ Salute to the Military Connection’s Mission of Support!


Dan Fairfax, USAF Sgt.

A Marine was down on his luck and needed help. I received an email from Debbie at I decided to ask her if she could help or if she knew of any resources to help the Marine. Wow, immediately resources were emailed to me. The Marine went and was informed of many resources that he was not even aware of and is receiving help. Thank you SO MUCH. Keep up your Excellent Work.

Barbara Zimny
(Mom of Hero, Cpl. Zimny, Christopher, USMC, KIA 1/31/05)

Many years ago I worked with the USAF on their new Dependents' Assistance Program. I wish we'd had the excellent collection of information sources featured on <>. Officers and Enlisted alike worry constantly about the welfare of their families. This site is invaluable in helping them wade through the necessary details in military life.

--George J. Downing

I am writing to express our sincere gratitude for your support. It is organizations like that make us feel proud and for which are paramount to our continued struggle in bringing peace and security to our world. Your website is a great work and it will definitely assist all who visit.

Again I wish to thank you for your continued support.

Take care, stay safe, be vigilant and all my very best to you and yours.

Semper Fi,

Terry L. Cooper
MCL – Detachment 1088
London, England


I've just recently discovered Military Connection. I have not had a chance to review the entire site, but I can tell you from what I have seen that it is one of the best military related websites on the internet. As a retired military member and in particular as a writer of novels with military or paramilitary themes, Military Connection is sure to be an excellent research resource for me. I have linked it to my website and I highly recommend that others do the same.

C.D. Williams, Chief Warrant Officer USCG Ret.

Outstanding website & great content! Keep it coming!

Dave Grob
USMC, 1st Recon

"We have found Military Connection to be a terrific gateway for communicating with military families far and wide about our scholarships for the kids and spouses of active duty personnel."

Bok Okun
CEO of ThanksUSA

Thank you for the terrific website. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Timothy G Volm
Iowa City, Iowa

Godspeed to you and the staff at Military Connection. Thank you for all you have done to help with the project SO BRAVE. Thank you for all the information you provide to assist the troops.


Angela Lashley

Supporting our military families and making their lives fantastic is the single most important thing we can do for this country. Without our Armed Forces, we would be just like those whom we protect ourselves against. I am proud to be a part of your Military Connection family.

All the best to you!

Sandee Payne, Author

That Military House: Move it, Organize it & Decorate it
Move Your House: Plan it, Organize it & Decorate it

Spent a hour or two browsing thru the site. Excellent!! Very Well Done!! I enjoyed it thorougly and felt kind of bad that I just am running short on time. Rest Assured " I Shall Return " - as a well-known soldier once said.

Many, many thanks for this site.

P.J. O'Leary

You are making a HUGE difference -- and all POSITIVE!!

Rev. Lin McGee is delivering a long overdue service to our community. The information is current, essential, and absolutely critical to our military community.

Joe Pagan
Employment Readiness Program Manager
ACS-Miami, FL

I have been retired for a few years and this was the first time I went to I wish I had used this great resource year PRIOR to my retirement.

Again thanks,

Vincent M Fiammetta, USAG

My Daddy is my Hero and Military Connection is his.

The only way I know how to express my gratitude for The Military Connection is in a letter of thanks. Your selfless act of patriotism towards our military family and your willingness to go above and beyond the non-existent expectations I had when I called, will never be forgotten. I not only give you a high-five rating simply for your dedication, but directly have to say that contacting these folks was the best thing I have ever done in the years of my being a military spouse. The person I spoke with was very courteous, concerned and extremely appreciative of my husband's personal sacrifice as a soldier serving overseas. I have never felt more comfortable asking questions about who, what , when and where as I did when I rang Military Connection last night. They make it happen, and if they can't, they WILL DIRECT you where you need to go. They are truly, a red-blooded American affiliate of the United States Armed Services.  I guarantee that you will never forget contacting them. It's an experience that I will take with me forever!

Thank You So Much,
Mrs. J. Miller - Proud Soldier's Wife
United States Army

This is a special thank you to Debbie Gregory and Military for your generous contribution to the Navy League Casino Night event. You sure can be there when needed!

Arthur Hasselbrink
Homefront America - Founder, President & CEO
Navy League - Orange County - Past President & currently Council Vice-Presiden

I have to say that I look at various websites all day long and I am very excited about yours. Through your development it appears that you left no stone unturned in your research. Your site is a wonderful and comprehensive resource for all of our troops and their families. Thank you for your hard work, and I do wish you and your organization all the best. As you can probably tell by now, I have a personal passion for this side of the industry and gladly take all opportunities to propose the military target to my clients.

Healther Flowers
Sales Coordinator
FIRST Advantage Recruiting Solutions

Dear Debbie,

MilitaryConnection is an absolutely wonderful resource. During my military transition workshops many of my attendees are provided the site to research.

Their response is that it is timely, supportive, professional, and user friendly. Once again, thank you for caring for our community, we sincerely appreciate your site and support.

Joe Pagan
Employment Readiness Program Manager - Florida is an all source site for the military. All services, active,Guard and reserves. A dynamic, easy to use site that also helps veterans and families with up to date information,many links and details. They have a great job board with job tips with virtual and live job fairs. The best ones available. Debbie Gregory and her team provide a great service and do it with pride for the Armed Forces. is the real deal...."

LTC(ret)Tom Lasser
T.E.Lasser & Assocs

Military connection is such a wonderful site, A true example of how great American companies are standing wingtip to wingtip to support our troops, I thank Debbie Gregory and all her wonderful staff for all they do.

Patti Patton-Bader
Founder & Executive Director Soldiers Angels is an all source site for the military. All services, active,Guard and reserves. A dynamic, easy to use site that also helps veterans and families with up to date information,many links and details. They have a great job board with job tips with virtual and live job fairs. The best ones available. Debbie Gregory and her team provide a great service and do it with pride for the Armed Forces. is the real deal....

LTC(ret)Tom Lasser
T.E.Lasser & Assocs is to be commended for their strong support of non-profit organizations.  The Orphan Foundation is one of those organizations that has been a beneficiary of that wonderful support.  Through an in-kind donation of advertising space, provided our foundation with very valuable space to help us with a major nationwide fund-raising campaign.  Their help, and the visibility they gave to us on their site, helped to make this fund-raising event successful.

Joe DiDonato
(805) 823-3552 Cell

Dear Debbie,

Thank you again for MilitaryConnection.Com's participation in our recent Celebrity Golf Tournament at Trump National Golf Club. Promotion of the event on your web site helped us to fill all of the golfing slots and enabled us to have some great military troops join us as guests for the event.

When we need to get the word out to the military community of Southern California, our options have been simplified. All we need to do is to send a news release to Our message is posted on your site and we are able to reach our target audience almost instantly. We thank you!

When our troops return home from overseas duty they frequently are looking to start a new career. Your outstanding web site has proven of great benefit to many of these brave, young, American warriors, and we thank you! Keep up the great work!

Mike Teilmann
Executive Director
USO - Greater Los Angeles Area, Inc.

Thank you Debbie for being there for all us. Just another Viet-Nam Vet

Co. C 1/27 Wolfhounds 25 Inf. Div. has changed the way today's Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine live. Bridging the gap between military service and the civilian sector in a way that is easy to navigate opens the doors for companies seeking to reach those who are serving. Military Connection should be the home page for anyone who is doing business with the armed forces or anyone who is serving today!

Bonnie Carroll (Tragedy Assistance For Survivors Programs)
Founder & Chairman

Merry Christmas to you and all your staff and thanks for all the hard work you do...Love ya...


Hi Debbie,

Thanks so much for your help and patience. The ads look great and my client is very pleased. I look forward to working with you again.


Toni Jones
Diversity Marketing and Communications
973-377-0300 ext. 13
973-377-3090 fax

"As a training provider who caters to veterans, it is imperative that we advertise and partner with organizations who are respected by service members. is exactly that. Debbie Gregory and her organization are so well respected by service members that by advertising with them, we have not only increased the number of soldiers who enroll in our courses, but also been able to forge valuable partnerships with decision makers within the military. Bottom-line, if your organization is looking to reach either veterans or current military look no further than"

Jeremy Meadows
Director of Sales
American Home Inspectors Training Institute

You are doing marvelous work with your website and it is a great service to the military and veteran communities. Thank you for these efforts.


Lee Grossman
President & CEO
Autism Society

Hello Debbie, I woud just like to say what a terrific site you have setup for the Vets. Very informative and they (Vets) deserve what you've done here... Great job! I know I'm one...

4th Combat Engineers, 4th Infantry Div
Vietnam 1966-1967

You both have my regard, respect, admiration and love - you do so much to help so many. I am a better person knowing you both. Happy Veterans Day to two AMAZING women! Please spread your links far and wide - -we're so proud of what you are doing!!!

Bonnie Carrol
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

We wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for a great beginning to participating on  The quality and potential of the leads we have received to help veterans with their mortgage financing have been some of the best we have received from any partner in the past five years !

We look forward to a very mutually rewarding New Year and look forward to the chance to serve many more.

Joseph Kelly
President -

Hello from Canada;

I wish to thank you for doing this important work.

I am an ex Military Police Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces.

The information you are providing allows me to obtain some fantastic ideas to help our Servicemen and women.

Keep up the great work.


Brian Brian E Shanks
CD,BA,MEP, ACS,ALB Senior Technical Specialist Point Lepreau Generating Station