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Press Releases
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10/4HTMLFirst Interviews from Third Trip to Iraq Now Available 24/7 or Visit their website
10/2HTMLCoalition Forces detain terrorist leaders responsible for IED/EFP attacks in Diyala
10/2HTMLOperation Anchorage nets five suspected insurgents, stops VBIED
10/2HTMLAmeriya conducts Iraqi Police recruiting drive
10/2HTMLPolar Bears discover 9-11 propaganda in Iraqi home
10/2HTMLBasrah Children's Hospital project provides hundreds of jobs
10/2HTML16 detained by Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Operations Forces throughout Iraq
10/2HTMLTroops foil IED attacks, detonate cache
10/2HTMLCoalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda network: one killed, 10 detained
10/2HTMLCoalition airpower continues to lend support
10/2HTMLAl Mamoon rises again
9/26HTMLSoldiers find weapon caches, detain terrorists
9/26HTMLHiring more Iraqi Police Officers key to securing country
9/11PDFApache Troops, Salhiyah NAC reopen Al Aflaph Elementary School
8/28HTMLClearing operations in Samarra strike hard at insurgency
8/28HTMLResidents join Guard Force to improve neighborhood security
8/28HTMLIraqi council makes strides in community
8/28HTMLU.S. medics train Coalition partners
8/28HTMLSworn to protect: Volunteers begin service to Iraq
8/28HTMLCommander says Iraqi citizens turning against insurgents
8/15HTMLGeneral expresses optimism about Iraqi Police progress
8/15HTMLShiite pilgrims observe holy day in safety
8/15HTMLAl Basrah oil terminal renovation project nears completion
8/15HTMLTrends encouraging in Baghdad hotspots
7/11HTMLNaturalization, re-enlistment ceremony held on America's 231st birthday
7/11HTMLHumanitarian aid decreases violence in Baghdad neighborhood
7/11HTMLIA Soldiers bring supplies to Ramadi
7/10HTMLIED ring broken by Operation Bastogne
7/10HTMLSoldier trades teaching for infantry life
7/10HTMLVillage residents lead troops to caches
6/20HTMLEstonian Minister of Defense visits “Stone Platoon” at Camp Taji
6/20HTML'IP' Prep Course prepares Iraqis for police work
6/20HTMLBaghdad market thrives during troop surge
6/20HTMLA far away Father's Day in Iraq
6/20HTMLIraqi troops lead security searches in Baghdad neighborhood
6/5HTMLKurdish Regional Government assumes control of security
6/5HTMLSurge improves security, quality of life
6/5HTMLIA, CF rescue 41 individuals at al-Qaeda hideout near Baquba
6/5HTMLFarmer now serves Ramadi as policeman
5/25HTMLSchool Receives Supplies, Toys and Medical Attention 
5/25HTMLParatroopers Take Stock of Success in Sha'ab
5/25HTMLAl Qaim detachment plays role in Iraq transition
5/25HTMLC-17 employs 'screamer' in combat airdrop
5/25HTMLIraqis taking the lead at Al Suleikh
5/23HTMLTransition team improves local police
5/23HTMLSecurity in Al-Anbar improves, number of attacks drop
5/23HTMLRomanian, American Soldiers stand united
5/23HTMLJoint security operation uncovers cache
5/23HTMLIraqi Security Forces repel attacks in Mosul
5/18HTMLBaghdad ‘Surge' Moves Forward as Search for Missing Troops Continues
5/18HTMLIraq Assistance Group Supports the Feature Performance
5/18HTMLAdmiral Fallon Tours U.S. Army Central Facilities in Kuwait
5/18HTMLQatari finds talent as translator during multinational military exercises
5/18HTMLYou Call…We Haul
5/16HTMLSoldiers help heal 3-year-old Iraqi boy with second degree burns
5/16HTMLCheney: America will stay on offensive against terror
5/16HTMLDevil Dogs take a bite out of insurgency

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