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Fall Travel

By: Erica I. Peña-Vest

I remember hearing once that the start of the fall and winter season bring on depression in some people.  The colder weather, the lack of sunlight and the end of our summer fun makes some people dread this time of year.  Well, I am the opposite.  Maybe it's the traveler in me but the fall season represents one very important thing to me: off-peak season in travel!  That's right.  If you were holding back on your summer vacation because of crowds and/or money, now is the perfect time to reconsider your options.  September brings massive discount in the travel industry.  Hotels offer off-peak rates, airlines offer deep discounts and you can actually ride the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World without waiting for hours (or what seems to be hours).  If you visit my website ( you will find that most discounts and promotions are available until the end of 2009.  You can have all the fun that was waiting for you this summer but without the crowds! 

When my husband and I were stationed in Jacksonville, we use to love to visit the amusement parks in Orlando in the fall because the crowds are less, the weather is near perfect and discounts are plentiful as area hotels want to keep up their room occupancy throughout the ‘slower' seasons.  What better time to take advantage of the free and discounted tickets offered by Sea World, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World.

Want to hit the beach but are afraid of the cooling temperatures?  Visit the beaches in Southern Texas or Southern Florida.  They stay warmer longer since they don't see much in terms of winter.

If planned correctly, a fall vacation for those of you without school age children can prove to be extremely affordable, enjoyable and quite relaxing.  If you do have school age children, consider taking an educational trip to Washington DC, Boston or San Antonio.  Get your child's school to allow it for extra credit.  If that doesn't work, use the ‘military' card.  You know – the one where you say - “We have to take vacations at inconvenient times because we are slaves to our (military person's) schedule.”  That always works (hey, it's not like you're lying). 

Try getting away this fall season.  Avoid seasonal depression by getting out, finding some sun, having fun and saving money.  If you need advice on where to go, email me at [email protected].  I'll help you find somewhere near, cheep and fun to cure those fall and winter blues. 

---------- knows how important vacations and outings are to military families.  We try to provide timely Military Travel Information.  We also provide our audience with military travel discounts and value added service.  Erica is a military spouse and understands the value of this information to a family who hopes to make the most of their leisure time.  Military Travel Tips are important when planning your time off with your family.  Our #1 Military Travel Tip is to always ask the hotel or motel where you are staying in they offer Military Travel Discounts.   This is also true of many theme parks and other attractions.  It is important to ask because sometimes this information is not always front and center.  When your next tour is back home, it's on – The Go To Site.