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Military News is one of the most effective methods to stay up to date and informed on world events. Military Connection wants our audience to be able to access world news as it happens. We want to keep our military audience informed on events in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom. There is not a better source for news than the Department of Defense's American Forces Information Services.

American Forces Information Services provides news products that focus on what senior defense leaders are saying on all aspects of military life. Military Connection wants to thank and acknowledge the Department of Defense and the American Forces Information Services for making this news available. We want to thank all of the men and women who work hard to deliver the news so we are able to post the top articles on this web site and provide our audience easy access to military news.

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HTML7/31/2014: SOCOM Commander Praises Military Support Groups
HTML7/31/2014: Immunization Awareness Month Kicks Off in August
HTML7/31/2014: Officials Discuss Education, Careers for Military Children
HTML7/31/2014: Face of Defense: Marine Keeps Conversation Flowing
HTML7/31/2014: Sailor Shares Successful Mail Center Recovery Experience
HTML7/31/2014: Recovery Center Shares Tips for Safeguarding Military Mail
HTML7/30/2014: James: Air Force Grapples With Congress to Fund Readiness
HTML7/30/2014: Hagel Urges Cease-fire in Israel-Gaza Conflict
HTML7/30/2014: Defense Department Calls on North Korea to End Military Buildup
HTML7/30/2014: DoD to Implement 3-Tier Civilian Performance Appraisal System
HTML7/30/2014: Face of Defense: Amputee Pilot Inspires Fellow Airmen
HTML7/30/2014: DoD Honors Workforce Recruitment Program Participants
HTML7/30/2014: Locklear Briefs on Asia-Pacific, Partners, Security
HTML7/29/2014: U.S. Continues to Help Iraq in Face of Extremist Threat
HTML7/29/2014: U.S. Pacific Command Kicks Off Exercise Fortune Guard
HTML7/29/2014: Dempseys Open Military Child Education Coalition Seminar
HTML7/29/2014: Russian Forces Continue to Gather on Border with Ukraine
HTML7/29/2014: Ramstein Airmen Discover Body in C-130 Wheel Well
HTML7/29/2014: Hagel Lauds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Action
HTML7/29/2014: Bureau Gets Service Members Debt Relief From Predatory Lender
HTML7/29/2014: Face of Defense: Airman Powerlifts to Fitness
HTML7/28/2014: DoD Official: Global, National Efforts Tackle WMD Threat
HTML7/28/2014: Employers of Reserve-component Troops Earn Freedom Awards
HTML7/28/2014: Hagel Speaks With Ukraine's New Defense Minister
HTML7/28/2014: Russian Troops, Equipment Mass Along Ukraine Border
HTML7/28/2014: Dempseys to Open Military Child Education Coalition Seminar
HTML7/28/2014: Northcom's Vibrant Response Exercise Reaches Midpoint
HTML7/28/2014: Face of Defense: Boom Operator Reaches 8,000-hour Milestone
HTML7/27/2014: Northern Command Chief Explains Key Mission Areas
HTML7/27/2014: Jacoby: Transnational Gangs Pose Regional Threat

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