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Military News is one of the most effective methods to stay up to date and informed on world events. Military Connection wants our audience to be able to access world news as it happens. We want to keep our military audience informed on events in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom. There is not a better source for news than the Department of Defense's American Forces Information Services.

American Forces Information Services provides news products that focus on what senior defense leaders are saying on all aspects of military life. Military Connection wants to thank and acknowledge the Department of Defense and the American Forces Information Services for making this news available. We want to thank all of the men and women who work hard to deliver the news so we are able to post the top articles on this web site and provide our audience easy access to military news.

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HTML9/02/2014: Vietnam, Civil War Soldiers to Get Medal of Honor
HTML9/02/2014: Face of Defense: Chavez Visits Troops in Honduras
HTML9/02/2014: Hagel: Suicide Prevention Means Watching Out for Each Other
HTML9/01/2014: Military Airstrikes Hit ISIL Near Mosul Dam
HTML9/01/2014: Suicide Prevention Takes Courage, Communication, Official Says
HTML8/31/2014: U.S. Airstrikes Hit ISIL near Amirli and Mosul Dam
HTML8/31/2014: Airstrikes Hit ISIL, Airdrops Aid Citizens in Amirli
HTML8/30/2014: U.S., Partner-nations Conduct Humanitarian Airdrop in Iraq
HTML8/30/2014: Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Mosul Dam
HTML8/29/2014: Hagel's 16th Overseas Trip Includes Wales Summit
HTML8/29/2014: Pentagon Prepares Options for President on ISIL
HTML8/29/2014: U.S. Airstrikes Hit ISIL Near Mosul Dam
HTML8/29/2014: Pentagon: Russia Intensifies Efforts Inside Ukraine
HTML8/29/2014: National Guard Identifies Fallen F-15C Aviator
HTML8/29/2014: Face of Defense: Soldiers Redeploy After South Korea Exercise
HTML8/29/2014: Transcom: Know Your POV Shipping Entitlements
HTML8/29/2014: Massachusetts Guard Jet Pilot Died in Crash
HTML8/28/2014: Obama Tasks DoD for Options Against ISIL
HTML8/28/2014: U.S. Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Mosul Dam
HTML8/28/2014: Votel Takes Charge of Special Operations Command
HTML8/28/2014: VA Website Tool Provides Education, Benefits Info
HTML8/28/2014: Face of Defense: Army Amputee Keeps Innate Optimism
HTML8/28/2014: Searchers Seek Missing F-15C Pilot
HTML8/27/2014: Human Rights Experts Meet at U.S. Southern Command
HTML8/27/2014: Airstrikes Hit ISIL Near Irbil and Mosul Dam
HTML8/27/2014: DoD Announces Upcoming NATO, Maritime Exercises
HTML8/27/2014: F-15C Eagle Jet Crashes in Virginia
HTML8/27/2014: DoD Plays Key Role in Disaster Response, Official Says
HTML8/27/2014: Face of Defense: Airmen Offer Deployment Tips
HTML8/27/2014: Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Irbil

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