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Military News is one of the most effective methods to stay up to date and informed on world events. Military Connection wants our audience to be able to access world news as it happens. We want to keep our military audience informed on events in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom. There is not a better source for news than the Department of Defense's American Forces Information Services.

American Forces Information Services provides news products that focus on what senior defense leaders are saying on all aspects of military life. Military Connection wants to thank and acknowledge the Department of Defense and the American Forces Information Services for making this news available. We want to thank all of the men and women who work hard to deliver the news so we are able to post the top articles on this web site and provide our audience easy access to military news.

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HTML10/20/2014: Feds Feeds Families Program Closes Out Record-breaking Year
HTML10/20/2014: Hagel, Chinese Leader Discuss Strengthening Cooperation
HTML10/20/2014: Soldiers Leave Senegal for Liberia to Support United Assistance
HTML10/20/2014: Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq
HTML10/20/2014: Face of Defense: Captain Serves Nation Her Family Chose
HTML10/20/2014: U.S. Resupplies Kurdish Forces Fighting ISIL Near Kobani
HTML10/19/2014: Hagel Orders Expeditionary Ebola Support Team
HTML10/18/2014: Pentagon Leaders Salute USO, Troops for Service
HTML10/17/2014: Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq
HTML10/17/2014: Transcom Widens Logistics Pipeline in Ebola Fight
HTML10/17/2014: Dunford Succeeds Amos as Marine Corps Commandant
HTML10/17/2014: Obama Activates Reserves for Operation United Assistance
HTML10/17/2014: Anti-ISIL Strategy Working, Needs Patience, Austin Says
HTML10/17/2014: Face of Defense: Soldiers to Support Operation United Assistance
HTML10/16/2014: ISIL's Actions Have Enabled More Airstrikes, DoD Spokesman Says
HTML10/16/2014: Pentagon Spokesman Notes Operation United Assistance Progress
HTML10/16/2014: U.S. Troops in Liberia at Low Risk of Infection, General Says
HTML10/16/2014: Reassurance, Interoperability Key for U.S. Army in Europe
HTML10/16/2014: Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Syria
HTML10/16/2014: Face of Defense: Guard Soldier Aids Comrades Beyond Battlefield
HTML10/15/2014: ISIL Forces Concentrating Around Kobani, Official Says
HTML10/15/2014: Kirby: Hagel Concerned About Treatment of Personnel Exposed to Iraqi Chemical Weapons
HTML10/15/2014: Hagel Praises Army's Strength, Resilience
HTML10/15/2014: DoD Recognizes Commitment to Prevent Sexual Assault
HTML10/15/2014: Centcom Designates Ops Against ISIL as 'Inherent Resolve'
HTML10/15/2014: Pacific Pathways Increases Readiness Through Partnership
HTML10/15/2014: Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Targets in Iraq, Syria
HTML10/15/2014: Face of Defense: Soldier Pulls Grenade From Man's Leg
HTML10/14/2014: Obama: Fight Against ISIL 'Long-term Campaign'
HTML10/14/2014: Greenert: Naval Coalitions Can Benefit Maritime Security

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