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Military News is one of the most effective methods to stay up to date and informed on world events. Military Connection wants our audience to be able to access world news as it happens. We want to keep our military audience informed on events in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom. There is not a better source for news than the Department of Defense's American Forces Information Services.

American Forces Information Services provides news products that focus on what senior defense leaders are saying on all aspects of military life. Military Connection wants to thank and acknowledge the Department of Defense and the American Forces Information Services for making this news available. We want to thank all of the men and women who work hard to deliver the news so we are able to post the top articles on this web site and provide our audience easy access to military news.

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HTML9/19/2014: New U.N. Ebola Mission Will Depend on International Support
HTML9/19/2014: Official Discusses Prevention of Root Causes of Armed Conflict
HTML9/19/2014: Fighter Jets Target ISIL Boat, Ground Unit
HTML9/19/2014: Official Notes Value of Triumph for Troops in Recovery
HTML9/19/2014: Army Chief: Fiscal 2016 Sequestration Marks 'Breaking Point'
HTML9/19/2014: Military Response Begins as Troops, Equipment Reach Liberia
HTML9/19/2014: DoD Plans No Review, Investigation of DoD-NFL Relationship
HTML9/19/2014: Taking Down ISIL Requires Cooperative Effort, Army Chief Says
HTML9/19/2014: Navy Joins Energy, Agriculture Departments in Biofuel Effort
HTML9/19/2014: Navy Surgeon General Discusses Signature Wounds of War
HTML9/19/2014: Press Secretary Gives Details of Syrian Training Effort
HTML9/19/2014: Continuous Improvement Central to Better Buying Power 3.0
HTML9/19/2014: Hagel: Nation Will Do 'Whatever it Takes' in POW/MIA Effort
HTML9/19/2014: Face of Defense: Soldier Translates During U.S.-Japan Exercise
HTML9/19/2014: Southcom Hosts Regional Security Dialogue in Miami
HTML9/19/2014: Part 3 of a Series: Navy Petty Officer Considers Suicide
HTML9/19/2014: Hagel Welcomes Congressional Action on Aid to Syrian Opposition
HTML9/18/2014: DoD Health Official Calls Fit Force Key to National Security
HTML9/18/2014: Special Ops Command Stresses Preservation of Force
HTML9/18/2014: Official Calls Resilience Key Factor in Suicide Prevention
HTML9/18/2014: Hagel Says Anti-ISIL Coalition Continues to Grow
HTML9/18/2014: Hagel Says ISIL Threats Real, Must Be Dealt With
HTML9/18/2014: Latest Airstrikes Target ISIL Assets, Ammunition
HTML9/18/2014: Face of Defense: Amputee Airman Returns to Duty
HTML9/17/2014: Homeland Security Secretary: ISIL's Foreign Fighters Pose Threat
HTML9/17/2014: Defense Leader Praises Air Force as Backbone of Global Reach
HTML9/17/2014: U.S. Aircraft Continue Strikes Against ISIL in Iraq
HTML9/17/2014: Obama Tells Central Command Troops America Will Lead
HTML9/17/2014: Face of Defense: Minnesota Brothers Reunite in Kuwait
HTML9/16/2014: Obama Details Major Increase in U.S. Ebola Response

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