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Interviewing Technique Guide

For Veterans and Military Service Members like you, the Federal government's job-hiring process can be difficult. It is a challenge to:

  • Translate your military skills to civilian skills.
  • Present your overall military experience in a way that civilian recruiters understand.
  • Identify suitable jobs when the same military position may be called something different in civilian terms.

The Internet contains many resources to help navigate the federal recruiting process, but these resources can be confusing. Many websites simply refer you to additional websites with links to other websites. The most helpful resources are those that actually connect you with job openings that fit your background and skills and that honor the sacred pledge that you made to protect our nation.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) created the VA for Vets program for just this purpose: to make the process of finding, applying for and obtaining federal civilian jobs easier.

This Interviewing Techniques Guide prepares you for one of the most important parts of the federal recruiting process, the job interview. It suggests steps you should take prior to an interview, describes different types of interviews and offers ideas on how to effectively answer interview questions.

1/13/2012HTMLPhone Interview
1/13/2012HTMLIndividual Interview
1/13/2012HTMLGroup Interview
1/13/2012HTMLObservational Interview
1/13/2012HTMLPerformance-Based Interviewing (PBI)
1/16/2012HTMLThe Interview
2/6/2012HTMLPreparing for the Interview
2/6/2012HTMLDuring the Interview
2/16/2012HTMLNonverbal Communication
2/16/2012HTMLInterview Conclusion
2/16/2012HTMLAfter The Interview
2/21/2012HTMLContacting the Employer
2/21/2012HTMLIllegal Interview Questions
2/22/2012HTMLHandling Illegal Interview Questions
2/22/2012HTMLJob Interview Checklist
2/22/2012HTMLTypical Phone Interview Questions

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