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Letters from Hollywood

  • What is Letters From Hollywood about? Letters From Hollywood is an exciting community initiative for individuals within the entertainment community to express their thanks and support to our armed forces. This project was started by D.B. Sweeney who has been collecting letters of support to the troops from celebrities. Visit us for new letters of support.
  • Why is there a Letters From Hollywood web site?  It is very important for our troops and their families to know of the encouragement and support from stars and celebrities.  This is important with the long deployments after over ten years of war in the Middle East.  We can never say thank you enough to those who serve.
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Date Letters
10/21/2011Letter J.K. Simmons
10/21/2011Letter Ross McCall
7/19/2011Letter Tom Sherak
7/19/2011Letter Bonnie-Jill Laflin
7/19/2011Letter Daniel Dae Kim
2/14/2011Letter Gary Sinise
2/14/2011Letter Kenny Albert
2/14/2011Letter David James Elliott
2/14/2011Letter Max Martini
10/25/2010Letter Tim Abell
10/25/2010Letter Ted Nugent
9/30/2010Letter John C. McGinley
9/30/2010Letter Casper Van Dien
9/30/2010Letter Kaya Jones
9/30/2010Letter D.W. Moffett
9/2/2010Letter Kristy Swanson
6/4/2010Letter Tom Wilson
5/26/2010Letter Robert Davi
5/20/2010Letter John Ondrasik
5/20/2010Letter Ed Bernero
5/4/2010Letter Sean Astin
5/4/2010Letter Kevin Sorbo
5/4/2010Letter Karri Turner
5/4/2010Letter Joe Mantegna
5/4/2010Letter D.B. Sweeney


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