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Letter from Hollywood - Casper Van Dien

  Letter from Hollywood

Bless the Men and Women of the United States Military! When America (and the world) needs you, you are always there standing strong for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We could not have any of this without you - the American military. Our Great Nation is beautiful because of people like you. I am honored to beable to write a letter expressing my gratitude and the gratitude of my entire family for the choices you have all made to serve and protect us. Your bravery to serve your country is the noblest sacrifice an individual can make and it is so appreciated by all of us. The beautiful thing about this country is that even those who don't know how to properly say thank you, well, they still have that choice, because you are there, protecting their freedom. So for all of those that don't know how to say thank you, and all of us who do, I stand tall as an American, and salute you, with my hand on my heart, great praise in my prayers, and the deepest respect and admiration for your incredible sense of duty. God bless you for blessing the American way.

Always Faithful,

Casper Van Dien