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VA Mortgage Loans, Affordable Loans and Military Loans for Veterans

 Financial Lending Available for Veterans 


Whether you are in need of a personal military loan to help you catch up on bills, or a VA mortgage loan to purchase a home, Military Connection is happy to pave the way and connect you with reputable lenders. Your service to our country entitles you to a number of benefits, among them the ability to purchase a home while taking advantage of the VA’s no-downpayment home loan program. Since 1944, when home loan guaranties were first offered under the original GI Bill, the VA has guaranteed almost 20 million home loans, worth $1.18 trillion. Many veterans who are eligible for VA Loans don’t take advantage of this tremendous benefit available to them. One reason why Veterans aren’t taking advantage of VA loans is simply because they don’t know whether or not they qualify. We have listed information and answered frequently asked questions to assist you obtain a personal military loan or VA mortgage loan.  

If you have a question regarding a VA Loan, please feel free to send it to us and we will forward it to our experts, who are happy to help you. You have served your nation so please use the benefits you have earned.  

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