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Military Medicine is leading edge. Military physicians, military surgeons and VA physicians are delivering outstanding healthcare Military nurses also are hard working and dedicated. Military medicine is in the forefront of specialized areas such as burn care, wound care, brain and TBI injuries. Military psychiatrists and military psychologists are writing the book on PTSD care. Those who serve our nation, past and present, deserve the best healthcare available. Military healthcare professionals can hit the floor running in any situation. Today, more than any other war or conflict, more wounded warriors are surviving instead of becoming casualties. This is because of the quality of care delivered in the field and after. Stay tuned for military medicine technological breakthroughs.

See our Traumatic Brain Injury directory for more information.

Date Article
11/17/2011HTML Simulation Training Prepares Medical Staff for Real Thing
11/3/2011HTML Making Research Inroads on COPD
11/1/2011HTML OEF/OIF Hazardous Exposures: Benefits
10/28/2011HTML Army Physicians Present New Research on Best Practices in Open Abdomen Surgery
10/28/2011HTML Blue Button Initiative
10/20/2011HTML Wilford Hall receives accreditation
10/7/2011HTML Helping Veterans Transition to Careers in Nursing
10/5/2011HTML Advanced Cardiac Procedure Performed at the Asheville VAMC
9/30/2011HTML VA Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers Help Veterans Get Back to Living
9/23/2011HTML Helping Veterans Transition to Careers in Nursing
9/6/2011HTML VA Posts Online List of Ships Associated with Presumptive Agent Orange Exposure
7/19/2011HTML VA Announces Blue Button Prize Competition
6/14/2011HTML How Reducing Distractions Can Make All the Difference When it Comes to Patient Safety
5/23/2011HTML U.S. Army Medical Residents Gather to Discuss Research
3/25/2011HTML New treatment eases symptoms of PTSD
1/18/2011HTML Iraqi health-care providers training at Walter Reed
10/6/2010HTML Military Progresses in Identifying, Treating Brain, Mental Injuries
9/8/2010HTML Antibacterial Peptide Could Aid in Treating Soldiers' Burn Wound Infections
7/19/2010HTML Army Treats Pain Differently
5/28/2010HTML Physician Assistants Intrinsic to Quality Health Care for Military
5/27/2010HTML National Intrepid Center of Excellence to Open in June
5/4/2010HTML NMCP Dentists Help Norfolk's Homeless
4/20/2010HTML Inkjet Device for Burns
4/16/2010HTML Navy Medicine Focuses on Families
4/8/2010HTML Multidisciplinary Spine Center is New Addition to Naval Medical Center
4/6/2010HTML Army Medicine: Bringing Value. Inspiring Trust.
2/15/2010HTML Dr. Bud Mayer, Former ASD/HA, Dies
2/15/2010HTML Face of Defense: Nurse Aids Patients in Haiti
1/27/2010HTML Military Medicine In Haiti
1/26/2010HTML USNS Comfort Crew Settles into Busy Reality
1/22/2010HTML Injured Instructor Resumes Career with Robotic Hand
1/6/2010HTML Army Studies High Altitude Health Effects
1/5/2010HTML How Medical Techniques Born On The Battlefield Saves NHS Patients' Lives
1/5/2010HTML Non-Combat Burn Epidemiology Among Active Duty
12/16/2009HTML Face of Defense: Colonel Beats Cancer, Soars High
12/9/2009HTML Afghan war spurring advances in medical science
12/9/2009HTML Liquid Wound Dressing to Improve Battlefield Care
11/24/2009HTML Secretary Enhancing Partnerships with Medical Schools
11/24/2009HTML VA Honors Top Health Care Facilities
11/6/2009HTML Department Receives First H1N1 Vaccine Shipments
11/6/2009HTML Assessment Tool Helps Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis
10/23/2009HTML Stateside doctors visit Landstuhl
10/23/2009HTML Guardmember beats breast cancer with early detection
10/19/2009HTML Treating brain injuries on the sports field and battlefield
10/15/2009HTML Brigadier General Rebecca Halstead (Ret) Supports Chiropractic Care
7/27/2009HTML Teen medic thrives on aiding others
7/24/2009HTML Preventive Medicine Soldiers Keep Troops Safe
6/1/2009HTML M*A*S*H In Real Life - Nurse Recalls Korea, ‘The Forgotten War’
6/1/2009HTML Military Doctor Cites Need for Early Intervention of Autism
6/1/2009HTML Face of Defense: Flight Nurse Provides Care in the Air

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