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Allison vencel

Allison Vencel is a self-taught gourmet cook/chef, author and avid cookbook collector and blogger. As a military spouse, Allison was the editor of the Alconbury Take-Home News, an informational publication for Air Force spouses at RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, England. During her travels through Europe, Canada and most of the States (to include Alaska), Allison became exposed to the culinary traditions of numerous countries and cultures.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama, Allison has had many opportunities to produce delicacies for many cast and crew members as well as family, friends and clients. She has spent her life duplicating and creating treats by seeking out new flavors, budget meals, and cultural food trends.

To help prepare the feasts Allison creates, she obtains her ingredients via her love of growing fruits and vegetables in her own organic garden. Outside of being a foodie, Allison loves to fish, read food books and magazines and continues her career as the author and food photographer of her cooking blog:

Allison is married to husband Keith (Captain, USAF, Retired), and they share their love with six children, and six grandchildren.

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