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January ACS CAN Advocacy Newsletter

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Can We Do It Again?

Last month, we shared many of the great victories ACS CAN had in 2009. So, what's left for 2010? Plenty.

The year begins with comprehensive health care reform legislation close to becoming law. As House and Senate leaders negotiate a final bill, ACS CAN is working to ensure that it dramatically strengthens the health care system for people with cancer and their families. If a bill is signed by the president, ACS CAN will begin a new phase of work to ensure that it is implemented effectively.

In the meantime, we will turn our attention to the FY11 budget process. During the presidential campaign, President Obama pledged to double the government's investment in cancer and medical research. ACS CAN will work to hold the President accountable for his promise.

We will also continue our important work to protect a woman's ability to get a mammogram and to ensure that low-income women have access to lifesaving breast cancer screenings and treatment.

Thanks to you, we had incredible success last year. Can we do it again in 2010? With your help, the answer is absolutely yes.

U.S. Senate Passes Health Care Reform

Cancer patients, survivors and their families received an early Christmas gift last month when the U.S. Senate passed a health care reform bill on Christmas Eve. An ACS CAN analysis of the legislation noted many dramatic improvements the bill would make to help people prevent and fight cancer, such as eliminating annual and lifetime limits on benefits and forbidding insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions like cancer.

The next step is for House and Senate leaders to merge their respective bills and negotiate a final bill. Visit to stay updated and take action.

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State and Local Update

Michigan Passes Smoke-Free Law
Last month, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed legislation into law making almost all workplaces in the state smoke-free, including all restaurants and bars. The new law will go into effect on May 1, 2010.

North Carolina's Smoke-Free Law Takes Effect
North Carolina's new 100% smoke-free restaurant and bar law went into effect on January 2.

We need your help to continue our success. Can you spare a few minutes, an hour or even a few hours a week to help make cancer a priority in your community? Let us know if you want to be part of our legislative activity in your state.