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BrainLine News - Summer 2011

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New Multimedia Slideshows on BrainLine

Recently, BrainLine launched its new online slideshow, an interactive way to tell stories and share information about traumatic brain injury. Using combinations that can include photos, illustrations, music, and words, the slideshows offer people a new way to understand brain injury. Check out "Flat Freda," the story of how friends and family rallied around the girl they loved after her TBI; "The Mechanics of a Brain Injury," an illustrated explanation of blast-related brain injuries; and "The Nuances of Neuroimaging," explanations of brain imaging techniques from DTI to fMRI.
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Dr. Donald Marion Talks About Therapeutic Hypothermia for People with Brain Injury

Cooling people who have sustained a brain injury is not new; but its use is getting more targeted, and the risks are minimal. To find out more, BrainLine sat down with one of the top experts on this topic, Donald Marion, MD, MSc, Director of Clinical Affairs at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. Learn what therapeutic hypothermia is exactly and how it can help people with a severe TBI immediately after an injury.
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Coming Home: Families, Courage, and Resilience After Brain Injury

"We are just one family among thousands who have suffered injuries in this war, and we can only hope that our story sheds some light on what these brave men and women endure every day." Produced by the Brain Injury Association of New York State and narrated by Lee Woodruff and Dave Hughes, "Coming Home" profiles three veterans and their families who share their perspectives on the challenges they face as they navigate the world of brain injury.
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Challenges for Married Couples in the National Guard and Reserve

While the honor and benefits of service are considerable, the National Guard and Reserve face unique circumstances that can challenge their ability to maintain positive family relationships. For example, Guard families may not be located near a base where family support services are available, and they may not know other Guard families. Read "A Win-Win Partnership: Marriage/Relationship Education and the National Guard" to learn more.
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DVBIC News: New Signs and Symptoms of Concussion Fact Sheet

A new fact sheet from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) outlines the most common signs and symptoms of concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury. The list includes physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. This resource also defines concussion and provides information on recovery from it, including coping tips.
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Dr. Wayne Gordon Talks About the Dangers of a Second TBI

She had been a good student, an energetic athlete, and sociable friend. Learn what happened to one young girl who had a minor TBI while snowboarding… and a serious car crash months before. "The Dangers and Misunderstandings of a Second TBI" is one of 18 short video interviews BrainLine conducted with neuropsychologist Dr. Wayne Gordon, the Jack Nash Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and associate director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
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Ten Years Later: A Mother's Story Continues

Ten years after her son's traumatic brain injury, Dixie Coskie is often asked how her son — and her family — are doing. She usually answers "just fine" or "thanks for asking," but her thoughts take her elsewhere. "Unless you have experienced the loss, the heartache, and the ripple effects that brain injury can inflict — you cannot possibly understand the magnitude and the seriousness of the life-altering implications." Written exclusively for BrainLine, "Ten Years Later: A Mother's Story Continues" brings to life the often unsaid feelings of a family after a tragic brain injury.
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