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Brainline Newsletter - March 2010


BrainLine News - March 2010

It's Brain Injury Awareness Month - a yearly effort each March to shine a spotlight on the progress and benefits of brain research. To see what's happening in your area, we put together a list of events across the country - from the Congressional Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill to the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi's 4th Annual "Art of Recovery" Traveling Art Exhibit. And while you have the brain on your mind, don't forget to check out our new interactive "Brain Basics." 

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Take a Tour of the Brain with BrainLine's New "Brain Basics"

Explore our new interactive brain to learn how the brain works and how different areas might be affected by an injury. Learn which part of your brain is responsible for processing sound, which part allows you to keep your balance, and which part helps with decision making and impulse control.
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Learning to Be Your Own Best Advocate

What do you need to know to be a self-advocate? How can you practice leadership? Are there any college programs that teach self-advocacy skills? And where can you see what college is like? The HEATH Resource Center at The George Washington University has created an online teaching tool about self-advocacy. It provides students with disabilities basic knowledge about the self-advocacy skills that they will need to be successful in a college setting.

DVBIC News: Military and Veterans Injury Awareness

The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center and the Department of Defense's Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia, headquartered at the US Air Force Academy, recently collaborated on the development of an online educational resource for patients, family members, and caregivers. It's called "Traumatic Brain Injury: The Journey Home."

BrainLine Exclusive: Vision Issues After Brain Injury

Did you know that the scientific literature says 20-40 percent of people with brain injury experience related vision disorders? That shouldn't come as too big a surprise since 40-50 percent of the brain is involved in vision. Learn more about the vision problems that can arise after traumatic brain injury from our interview with Dr. Gregory Goodrich, the supervisory research psychologist assigned to the VA Western Blind Rehabilitation Center in Palo Alto, California.

A True Love Story - Before and After a Devastating Car Crash

A Hard Chance is a love story between a vibrant playwright and songwriter who lives on his schooner and a spirited woman who, until she sustained a severe TBI in a car crash, reveled in taking life by the horns. Written by Tom Gallant, the fulltime caregiver to his injured wife, A Hard Chance is also about accepting the hardest things in life with an open heart.

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All the best from BrainLine.
Noel Gunther, Executive Director
Christian Lindstrom, Director, Learning Media
Victoria Youcha, EdD, Director, BrainLine
Victoria Tilney McDonough, Associate Editor
Elaine Phillips, MSP, CCC/SLP, Research Consultant
Theresa Rankin, Outreach Consultant
Brian King, Senior Multimedia Producer
Ian Collins, Technical Web Manager
Leon Gittens, Project Administrator
Krystal Klingenberg, Associate Project Manager, BrainLine

Newsletter Editor: Victoria Tilney McDonough
Newsletter Associate: Laura Schreiber

About BrainLine
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