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The Flag & General Officers Network Newsletter:
June/July 2009

"We Make A Living Through What We Receive For Our Labors, But We Make A Life Through What We Give"............Sir Winston Churchill
The Flag & General Officers' Network Newsletter:  
Published BY Flag &  General Officers FOR Flag & General Officers
June-July  2009 
Volume 9, Edition 4 
Founded in 1995 
In This Issue
Admiral Carey Outlines Membership Growth
Quarterly Networking Grows
General Eisenhower in TFGON
ARMY Service Section
USMC Service Section
NAVY Service Section
USAF Service Section
USCG Service Section
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Fellow Flag & General Officers: 
We hope everyone has had a productive Spring as Winter is now well behind us.  Lot's going on in TFGON, with new leadership developing and now appointed for each of our Service Sections.  Full details follow.   
NOTE: Please forward this newsletter to all Military Flag & General Officers you know [O-7 and above].  ALL Military Flag & General Officers are eligible for TFGON membership and participation.
To Join:  Go to our TFGON website CLICK HERE and click on How To Join on the left hand side of the homepage.  If you experience any problems with the e-mail address listed, please advise [email protected]
Rear Admiral [Ret.] Jim Carey Outlines TFGON Continued Growth 
TFGON's National Chairman, Rear Admiral [Ret.] Jim Carey, recently outlined the organization's continued growth and success, indicating that RADM Cammies headshotmembership has now exceeded the 2000 level.  Admiral Carey stated "Our Service Section Leads are doing an excellent job for TFGON.  And we are reaching out to more and more flag and general officers than ever before. TFGON is truly on a roll."  He continued, "I'm convinced that our capability to help flag and general officers as they transition from active duty to Life's Career # 2 to be a tremendous benefit to our members.  There is no other organization that can circulate these resumes to 2000 fellow flag and general officers spread throughout industry and the professional associations.  It pleases me greatly that TFGON has been responsible for hundreds of our members achieving successful job searches.  This is exactly the kind of "caring & sharing" and helping each other that Rear Admiral Chuck McGrail and I envisioned when we formed TFGON 14 years ago."  To read Admiral Carey's Chairman's Report for June 2009, CLICK HERE.  For further information, contact Rear Admiral Carey at [email protected]
TFGON Quarterly Networking Events Highly Successful
TFGON Quarterly Networking Receptions have become increasingly larger and more successful as our organization becomes known to more and more Flag & General Officers of America's Five Military Services.  One of our regular traditions at each event is to gather in a circle and go "Round The Room" with each Admiral or General introducing themself, providing some information regarding their uniformed service career, and if retired, their current title and focus.  This provides each of us with details on everyone present so we can focus our networking efforts for the remainder of the evening, plus it also provides a tremendous overview of the incredible level of talent in the room and how we are all uniquely linked due to our military service.  One of our most recent "Round The Room" sessions is pictured here---- to view more photos from TFGON Networking Events, for January 2009 click here and for April 2009 click here  TFGON's next Quarterly Networking Event is scheduled for 24 July in Washington, DC.  Full details are on the website at then click on Calendar. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to [email protected]
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower 
Becomes Posthumous TFGON Member!!! 
 TFGON has moved our Quarterly Networking Receptions to The Eisenhower Lounge of The Capitol Hill Club, and in honor of Eisenhower 2General Eisenhower, we contacted his son, Brigadier General [Ret.] John Eisenhower to advise him of this unique presence of military flag and general officers in this room named for his Father.  We enquired if it might be authorized by the estate, given General Eisenhowers rank as a 5-Star General of the Army, to be posthumously listed as a Member of TFGON.  Brigadier General Eisenhower kindly granted his approval and authority and "Ike" is now included in our Flag & General Officers Roster of Members as we gather quarterly in this prestigious room filled with his memorobilia.
TFGON has just learned that there is a Joint Commission of Members of Congress, historians, and the Eisenhower Family that are planning a National Memorial to General Eisenhower on the Mall in Washington, DC.  A contract has already been let to an archtectual firm to begin the design and planning effort. 
 ARMY Service Section
By:  Major General [Ret.] Jim Kelley, U. S. Army 
The past 60 days have been busy for our Army Service James KelleySection in TFGON.  We've done considerable outreach to Army General Officers who have not yet learned of TFGON and that effort has brought us a good influx of new members.  And some of these new members are assisting us in reaching out to the Army Reserve and Army Guard General Officers, where we need their assist to "get the word out".  Plus I attend a significant number of military/veterans social events in connection with my "day job" and have been asking every Flag & General Officer that I meet if they have heard of TFGON----- and if not, I give them chapter and verse of all we are doing.  For additional details about my efforts for our Army Service Section, CLICK HERE to read my report for June 2009.  And for those wanting to communicate directly with me via e-mail, I can be reached at  [email protected]  I'd love to hear from you and encourage all Army General Officers to contact me, either with ideas on how we make TFGON and our Army Service Section better, or if you'd like to get involved and lend me a hand with our Army Service Section.
USMC Service Section
By: Major General [Ret.] Gordon Nash, USMC 
I'm pleased to say that we're making solid progress in Gordon Nashthe USMC Service Section of TFGON.  I've made some excellent links with our current USMC leadership and have gathered several excellent points of contact with regard to USMC "Institutions" such as the magazine SEMPER FIDELIS and point of contact details for this year's Friday evening parade ceremonies held during the summer at the Marine Barracks in Washington, DC [a.k.a. Eighth & Eye].  Full details on these a several other items related to our USMC Service Section in my TFGON June Report which can be viewed by CLICKING HERE Should you wish to contact me direct via e-mail, use  [email protected]  
 NAVY Service Section 
By Rear Admiral [Ret.] Steve Kunkle 

Admiral KunkleIt's  been a busy Spring in the NAVY Section of TFGON.  Lots going on.  There are several specific events that IMO it's important for all our Navy Flag Officers to be aware of, and I've included them in my June 2009 Report on the TFGON website, which you can read by  CLICKING HERE.   I thank those who have offered their words of encouragement and those with recommendations on how to make TFGON even more effective.  Please continue to help me and to support TFGON and our Navy membership through your good ideas and spreading the word about what we can do.  Please don't hesitate to contact me at 703-489-8656 or via e-mail at  [email protected]
 USAF Service Section
By: Major General [Ret.] Dan  Dick, USAF 
Over the past quarter, quite a few Air Force GOs have MajGen Dick Uniformjoined TFGON.  It was also nice to see more Air Force GOs at the April Networking Reception.   Now I need your ideas on how we can pass the word about TFGON to more active and retired AF GOs?  We have a TFGON talking paper in our USAF transition course, but I'm told General Officer Management doesn't send out any newsletters, emails, or correxpondence to the active or retired AF GOs that we could use to pass the word about TFGON   I'm looking into whether there is any Guard and Reserve GO correspondence.
A list of good email and websites to stay in touch with what is going on with our AF can be found in my TFGON AF Service Section Report which you can read by  CLICKING HERE   Please contact me at  [email protected]  with your ideas and comments.   
USCG Service Section
By: Rear Admiral [Ret.] Norm Sanders, USCG
Our USCG Service Section within TFGON is in a start-up Norman Saundersmode as  I begin the process of ourreach to our USCG leadership and begin to contact all USCG Flag Officers to ensure that all are aware of TFGON and the role we can play in the organization on behalf of the U. S. Coast Guard.  Since I'm relatively new in taking on this assignment for the USCG, I would welcome hearing from any and all USCG flags should you wish to play a role with me in growing our USCG service section within TFGON.  I'd also like to hear from any of you with ideas as to how we can make our USCG group in TFGON all you want it to be for all of us.  Together, we can build the USCG role in TFGON as well as serve all our fellow flag officers through our comraderie and continued friendship.  For those wanting to communicate directly with me, I can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]