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Student Veterans of America Newsletter - 5/19/2010

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Message to the Membership

SVA Scholarship Program

To Provide SVA members the opportunity to apply for a competitive scholarship that will assist them in completing their studies while helping to accomplish their chapter's mission at the local level.

While many members of SVA are recipients of the New GI Bill at their respective institutions, many of these students lack adequate funds to pay for school. Groups with access to the VA educational funds often find that the financial burden limits the scope and purpose of their SVA activities.
In order to facilitate the activities of individual members on chapter activities, SVA will provide access to scholarships to facilitate SVA chapter activities on and off-campus. These funds will be managed by SVA and distributed to students on school year basis. SVA will use standard application, standard guidelines and existing system of communication to streamline the request process and ensure mass communications. 
Questions may be directed to [email protected]


SVA Regional Conferences

Southeast Regional Conference:

The 1st Annual Southeast Regional Conference will be held May 21-23 at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA. To find out more information and register for this conference visit the event registration page here:
Southeast Regional Conference

Midwest Regional Conference:

The 2nd Annual Midwest Regional Conference will be held May 21-23 at the University of Michigan, Flint. To find out more information and register for this conference visit event registration page here:
 Midwest Regional Conference
Western Regional Conference:

The 1st Annual Western Regional Conference will be held May 28-29 at the Crown Plaza Hotel/Conference Center LAX in La, California. To find out more information and register for this conference visit the
event registration page here:
Western Regional Conference




You can always follow us on twitter for the latest information @ 

Still have questions? Contact us @
[email protected]


Update Your Chapter's Portal

The chapter portal system on our website also acts as our database for membership accountability. In order to keep our membership links updated, members are required to update their member portal every semester. As a result, a small number of chapters were conditionally removed from the map until we can verify whether they are active and we can identify a POC. Please update information on your Member portal and send an email to the SVA VP if your link was deactivated.  This does not mean you ceased to be a member chapter, you were just placed on inactive status in order to improve the most recent data available to veterans seeking groups on their campus. 

Contact the SVA Vice President if your portal does not have the current contact information or if you need a login/password.

Vice President Email: [email protected]


Official SVA communications will be sent either via this e-mail format, our SVA Website, our official Facebook Page and/or the SVA Leadership team. These mediums will be in-sync and serve to keep you informed of updates regarding benefits, legislative issues, and various other updates.

In addition, if your member chapter does not have any communication with a state director, regional director or the elected leadership of SVA (President, Vice-President, and Secretary), or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line Communication. Due to turnover at the chapter, state and regional level, we want to ensure you have the ability to communicate with your leadership.

President Derek Blumke: [email protected]

VP Michael Dakduk: [email protected]

Secretary Marello Harris: [email protected]   

SVA Newsletters are sent every quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) on April, July, October and January. However, SVA leadership will send periodic updates via the official channels mentioned including but not limited to conference updates, new programs and services, and much much more... 

Call to Serve

Do you have the motivation and passion to help student veterans? Would you like to dedicate your time to making a difference for fellow veterans? If yes, you should apply for a leadership position within SVA and make a difference. Opportunities exist for volunteers in the areas of Communication, Technology, Operations, Regional Director, State Director, Social Media and a assortment of other leadership positions. We are growing fast and would like to have your leadership experience in shaping the future of SVA.

If interested, send an email with your strengths and interests, your history with SVA in any capacity and a copy of your resume to [email protected] with the subject line Call to Serve.