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Students Veterans of America Newsletter - February 2010

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Winter Newsletter 2010

Student Veterans and Supporters,

The most important elements of this organization are the member chapters and the student veterans on the ground at campuses across the nation. SVA has gone through many phases, from our initial advocacy efforts to a current focus on growth. While at each step we successfully achieved what we set out to do, in the process we left other facets of SVA's mission untended.  To correct these missteps, your elected representatives, alongside the Board of Directors, are working hard to rebalance SVA's priorities so that this organization can more effectively serve its member chapters.

One of our recent achievements is the standing up of our chapter grant program to provide direct funding for chapter activities. We are working hard to provide sustainable funding for this program so we can continue to provide chapters the support they need to execute their missions.
Also, soon SVA will be establishing a national scholarship program to fill the gap left by insufficient funding from the post 9/11 GI Bill directly.

We are also working hard to develop partnerships and programs with the Wounded Warrior Project, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, American Corporate Partners, The VFW, and the American Legion. We are establishing formal agreements with each of these organizations and will continue to expand and develop our partnerships to include any organization that helps veterans in higher education.

Our advocacy mission continues under the able leadership of Brian Hawthorne and SVA's Legislative Committee. As always, we are working hard to make a positive impact on the lives of our members {SVA's strategic plan link}.

As leaders, we understand that transparency is of the utmost importance to our members. We respect that some member chapters will have questions and concerns regarding the conduct of the board and the distribution of funds.

On that note, SVA has recently completed an audit, the results of which can be found here {SVA Audit report link} SVA is committed to the highest possible level of transparency, and will continue to update the board meeting minutes on our website. While posting board documents for the public may lag at times because SVA is run by student veterans, our accounting and financial oversight never does.

Rodrigo Garcia is responsible for overseeing all expenditures. His work is checked by Luke Stalcup, another board member, and ultimately the board approves all budgets and expenses. As our audit shows, we take our financial responsibilities very seriously, and will continue to hold ourselves and SVA to the highest standards for non-profit accounting. We are proud to say, both to donors and to members, that SVA is managing its finances responsibly.

SVA succeeds because of the dedication of our members. Your questions, concerns, and input are always welcomed by your elected officers and leaders. We encourage your involvement and we also appreciate your efforts at the local and state level. At the same time, your patience is greatly appreciated during the planning process of these conferences. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your State Director, Regional Director, or elected leadership (President, Vice President or Secretary) or send an e-mail to [email protected] 
-SVA Leadership

Our Programs and Services

The following is a friendly reminder of the services and programs we offer to our member chapters. Please check back often, as we are constantly adding services and programs to our website.


1. Member Portal: A gateway to advertise your chapter's resources, contacts, and a means to stay in touch with student veterans, veterans seeking a local veteran group, your chapter's events & resources and SVA at large. 

2. SVA Resource Library: A repository of information on how to form an SVA Chapter, Military to College checklists, and other information for student veterans.

3. National Advocacy: A chance to take part in a national coalition dedicated to improving student veterans' access to resources and opportunities.

4. Specialized Services: Access to specialized legislative and mental health resources.

If you are an SVA member and are experiencing problems with your GI Bill, please contact Brian Hawthorne at [email protected]

If you need information with regards to student veterans' mental health issues, contact Larkin Ray Harris at [email protected]



1. SVA Chapter Grant System: This program provides member chapters with competitive grants to assist member chapters to serve their student veterans.

2. SVA Scholarship Fund: The fund provides SVA members a competitive scholarship to help student veterans complete their studies while accomplishing their chapter's mission at the local level.

3.  SVA National Conferences: We offer free or discounted admission to the national conference, which includes seminars on building a successful chapter, GI Bill workshops, organizational training, fundraising and much much more!

4. SVA Regional Conferences: We also offer free or discounted admission to the regional conferences, which includes seminars on building a successful chapter, strengthening relations with other chapters, GI Bill workshops, how to deal with the press, veteran outreach, fundraising and much much more!

This is only a fraction of our current efforts. At present we are working on several initiatives to offer employment opportunities and fix the new GI Bill. We are working hard to fund these programs and will have them up and running as soon as possible.

National Conference & Regional Conferences

During the fall of 2009 SVA established a national conference planning committee under the board of directors. This committee, with oversight from the board, is, and has been working hard to make SVA's 2010 conference its best yet. However, both the board and the committee are not yet prepared to execute this national conference during the spring semester of 2010. Rather, because the most important work that SVA does as an organization is done regionally, SVA will be holding five regional conferences before the national conference.

These conferences are not in lieu of a national conference, but instead are part of one continuous process that will occur throughout the year. They will be held during the spring semester, and will bring together member chapters from each region.

At these conferences actionable proposals for adjusting SVA's structure can be produced, a set of coherent priorities for the region and the nation will be established, and state and regional leaders can be identified. Each region will then bring the fruits of their labor to the national conference, which will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. This will be a constructive process of building national unity and cohesion from the bottom up. Through a generous grant from the Woodruff Foundation SVA is able to provide $6800 for each of these conferences. 

More information will be given regarding the national conference as it is available. Please contact your state director, regional director and/or elected leadership (President, VP, Secretary) or send an e-mail at [email protected] with Regional Conference in the subject line for more information on your 2010 Regional Conference.


National Elections

Given the recent events with the changes in the conferences, there may be concern about the lengths of terms for the elected officers if the national conference is moved to fall 2010. SVA will hold state and regional elections at each perspective regional conference. Currently, SVA is addressing the issue of national officers with various options at hand including e-voting, extending the office for 3 months, and various others.

If you have any suggestions and/or feedback regarding the 2010 national elections, please contact your national officers and/or send an email to [email protected] with Elections on the subject line.


Board of Directors -  Our Role

The Board of Directors is comprised of the elected leadership and individuals who have been involved with SVA for a long period of time. They are chapter presidents, state directors, regional directors and/or leaders within the student veteran community. All members of the Board are or were student veterans associated with SVA! The elected leadership is your voice within the board of directors.

Board members are selected and chosen to serve by your elected leadership and help shape the strategic direction of the organization as well as to assist in the day-to-day operations until a full-time staff is in place. Their areas of responsibilities are as follows:

Derek Blumke: Fundraising, Programs

Michael Dakduk: Member Communications, Programs, IT

Marello Harris: National Conference, Programs

Luke Stalkup: Accounting & Payroll, HR, National Conference

Nathaniel Donnelly: Partnerships, Organizational Management

Rodrigo Garcia: Finance, Internal Controls (audit), Budget

Peter Meijer: Fundraising, Donor Relations

Gerald Kapinos: Member Communications, Outreach

Meet SVA's Board of Directors here.

Our Advisory Board is made up of worthy professionals who have shown tremendous support for SVA in the form of fundraising, program development, and leadership.

Jack Amberg: Fundraising

Gen. Michael Lehnert: Strategy

Matt Boulay: Fundraising

Dr. Bob Ackerman: Programs

Meet SVA's Professional Advisory Board here.


Regional Directors -  Our Role

Regional Directors are the chief administrative officers of each region, or s/he is the delegated representative of the Vice-President. 
The Regional Director is expected to be a leader, internally and externally, as well as be an effective manager, mentor and coach. S/he is responsible for oversight of state and local government relations; public finance strategies and implementation; coordinating the creation of individual chapters within the state's college and universities and its conveyance to public agencies, corporate organizations and/or other nonprofit organizations.

All Regional Directors are students as well as leaders, and are the hardest working members of the SVA leadership team.

Meet your Regional Directors here

State Directors -  Our Role


The State Director are the chief administrative officers of any State operating within the Student Veterans of America and s/he is the delegated representative of the Regional Director of the region in which their state is located. 

State directors form the backbone of the SVA leadership and the first point of contact for member chapters.

The State Director is expected to be a leader, internally and externally, as well as be an effective manager, mentor and coach. S/he is responsible for oversight of state and local government relations; public finance strategies and implementation; coordinating the creation of individual chapters within the state's college and universities and its conveyance to public agencies, corporate organizations and/or other nonprofit organizations.

Coming Soon: A State Director's Tab under the About Us section of the SVA website. This will allow member chapters to get up-to-date information on their state directors and find out who they are.

SVA Staff  - Our Role

SVA Staff is in charge of specialized ares within SVA. they offer services based on a area of need as opposed to specific geographic needs. These individuals offer a multitude of knowledge and perseverance in legislative and mental health initiatives. More specialized directors will be added in the coming months.
These directors are appointed by the board, and fill roles that would otherwise be filled by a full time paid staff member. They devote themselves without compensation to a full time effort to manage critical SVA efforts.
Brian Hawthorne: Legislative Affairs

Larkin Ray Harris: Mental Health

Erick Gonzalez: IT & Communications


Meet your SVA Staff here.

Coming Soon: A SVA Staff Tab under the About Us section of the SVA website

New Board Member - Gerald Kapinos


 Gerald Kapinos


Gerald is from Sun Prairie, WI and graduated from SPHS in 2000.  Following the Sept 11, 2001 attacks, Gerald enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a Security Forces member.  After training, Gerald was assigned to the 99 ABW, at Nellis AFB.  In 2003 he deployed to support OIF & OEF.  Upon his return, he was assigned to the 10 ABW at the USAF Academy in CO, and was deployed to Iraq in 2006.  During that deployment, Gerald completed his degree requirements and was awarded his Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice.
Upon completion of his service in 2008, Gerald studied at UW-Whitewater for a semester before transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is currently pursuing a B.A. in History with a Certificate in Middle East Studies.  Gerald is also an honor's candidate and plans to graduate in December 2010.
Gerald is currently the President of UW-Madison's SVA Chapter, Vets for Vets and is dedicated to helping yesterday's warriors and today's scholars become tomorrow's leaders.
Gerald can be reached at [email protected]

New Advisory Board Member - Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert




He graduated from Central Michigan University in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant through the Platoon Leader Course program.
After attending the Marine Officers Basic School in Quantico, Virginia, he was transferred to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Assignments at Camp Lejeune included: engineer platoon commander and maintenance officer LSU-32 and S-4, H&S Battalion, 2nd FSSG. Assigned to 9th Engineer Support Battalion in Okinawa, Japan, he served as Battalion Operations Officer and finished his tour as commander Company A, 9th Engineers. In 1977, he was ordered to Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines as the Operations Officer. In 1978, he took command of Company A, Marine Barracks, Subic Bay. In 1979, he attended the U.S. Army Advanced Engineer School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. After graduation, he served as Executive Officer, USMC Recruiting Station, San Antonio, Texas.
He was transferred to Camp Pendleton, California in 1983 and held the following assignments from 1983 to 1986: Company Commander, Company C, 1st Landing Support Battalion; Commanding Officer, Combat Service Support Detachment 11; Commanding Officer, Combat Service Support Detachment 16; Executive Officer, MAU Service Support Group 17; Landing Force Support Party Cdr, BSSG 7; and MEF Engineer, First Marine Amphibious Force. In 1987, he was selected for Armed Forces Staff College. After graduation, he was assigned to the United States Southern Command in the J-3 Operations Directorate as Chief, Central American Exercise Branch. During the Panama crisis, he participated in Operation Just Cause and Operation Promote Liberty. He was reassigned in 1990 as Inspector-Instructor, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, Portland, Oregon. He was selected for top level school, and completed the Naval War College in 1993 with the award of a Master's degree.
In 1993, he was assigned to the Joint Warfighting Center in Norfolk, Virginia where he served as the Chief of the Futures Branch, Doctrine Division. In 1995, he reported to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and participated in Operation Sea Signal, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as Commander, Joint Task Group Bulkeley, JTF 160. Where he commanded the security forces responsible for operation of Cuban and Haitian migrant camps. He commanded Marine Wing Support Group 27 at Cherry Point, North Carolina from May 23, 1996 to May 28, 1998. He was reassigned as the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 II MEF. In 1999, he deployed to Panama as the Chief of Staff, Joint Task Force Panama to oversee the final turnover of the Canal and the remaining military bases.
His first tour as a general officer was at Headquarters Marine Corps, where he served as the Assistant Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics. He took command of 2nd Force Service Support Group (FSSG) in July 2001 and in January 2002, he deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as Commander, Joint Task Force 160. JTF 160's mission was to construct and operate the detention facilities for Taliban and Al Queda detainees. While in command of the detention facility, he endeavored to ensure that the provisions of the Geneva Convention were applied, in the face of opposition from then defense secretary Robert Rumsfeld, inviting the ICRC to visit and advise on conditions of detention, appointing a Muslim chaplain and creating an ethos of human decency. In 2003, he deployed with the 2d FSSG to the CENTCOM theater and participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom as Commander, Marine Logistics Command. He then served as Chief of Staff, United States Southern Command, Miami, Florida. His most recent assignment was as Commanding General, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.

New Information Technology Director - Erik Gonzalez

Erick Gonzalez

Erick L. Gonzalez was raised by his immigrant mother in Southern California in the small town of Hesperia and graduated from High School in Van Nuys, California. He completed a combined 3 years of Army and Air Force Junior ROTC and was recipient of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge's Washington medal of honor from among thousands of applicants.
Erick enlisted and served with the U.S. Marines as a Navy Corpsman for over 6 years. He deployed to Iraq with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 5th Marines, and 1st Marine Division during the battle for Al Fallujah in April of 2004 and with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion 5th Marines during MOUT and security operations in the heart of the Sunni Triangle, the capital of Al Anbar Province, Ar Ramadi in 2005. Erick received 2 combat commendations for his actions in combat.
Upon honorable discharged from the military in May of 2007, Erick joined a web design firm and in 2008 started his undergraduate education in a Computer Science degree program, with emphasis in enterprise business solutions, application development and web design.
In 2009, Erick worked for Oracle Corporation as part of the Business Development and Sales Consultant group, under the guidance of the Senior Vice President for Public Sector, a retired Admiral. During this same period of time, Erick joined The Virginia Veteran as their Chief Information Officer, founded the NOVA SVA chapter and started a SDVOB information technology company in Washington D.C. Erick also volunteers for VetsGroup, a Washington D.C. veteran entrepreneur training and business development non-profit, as their CTO and webmaster.
Erick's vision as Information Technology and Communications Director for the SVA is to utilize cutting edge and innovative technology, web applications and social media in order to provide a medium for student veterans at the local SVA chapters and at the national level to securely, efficiently and collaboratively communicate, share knowledge and resources with the ultimately purpose of helping other veterans succeed in school.
Erick can be reached at [email protected]

Call to Serve

Do you have the motivation and passion to help student veterans? Would you like to dedicate your time to making a difference for fellow veterans? If yes, you should apply for a leadership position within SVA and make a difference. Opportunities exist for volunteers in the areas of Communication, Technology, Operations, Regional Director, State Director, Social Media and a assortment of other leadership positions. We are growing fast and would like to have your leadership experience in shaping the future of SVA.

If interested, send an email with your strengths and interests, your history with SVA in any capacity and a copy of your resume to [email protected] with the subject line Call to Serve.


Financial Audit and Strategic Summary

A financial audit was recently conducted on SVA and the results of the audit have been posted on our website. All suggestions made by auditors have been reviewed by the board. The audit encompassed transactions in the past two years, but a opinion was only issued for 2008 due to financial constraints. Nevertheless, we would like to personally thank our donor for providing a substantial portion of the funds allowing us to do perform this audit. Throughout 2010, we will strive to conduct a 2009 audit and provide the results just as we have for 2008.  The 2008 Audit and 2010 Strategic Summary may be found at the link below. 

SVA Audit and Strategic Summary Link

Update Your Chapter's Portal

The chapter portal system on our website also acts as our database for membership accountability. In order to keep our membership links updated, members are required to update their member portal every semester. As a result, a small number of chapters were conditionally removed from the map until we can verify whether they are active and we can identify a POC. Please update information on your Member portal and send an email to the SVA VP if your link was deactivated.  This does not mean you ceased to be a member chapter, you were just placed on inactive status in order to improve the most recent data available to veterans seeking groups on their campus. 

Contact the SVA Vice President if your portal does not have the current contact information or if you need a login/password.

Vice President Email: [email protected]

SVA Scholarship Fund Launched


Student Veterans of America is pleased to announce a recently-launched scholarship for veteran members of SVA chapters. To provide SVA members the opportunity to apply for a competitive scholarship that will assist them in completing their studies while helping to accomplish their chapter's mission at the local level.

While members of SVA are recipients of the New GI Bill at their respective institutions, many of these students lack adequate funds to pay for school. Groups with access to the GI Bill via often find that the financial burden limits the scope and purpose of their activities.

In order to facilitate the activities of individual members, SVA will provide access to scholarships to facilitate SVA activities on and off-campus. These funds will be managed by SVA at the national level and distributed to students on school year basis. SVA will use standard application, standard guidelines, and the existing system of communication to streamline the request process and ensure mass communications.
The application will be available this upcoming spring 2010. Further information to be announced.

SVA @ the Grassroots Level

SVA - IL hosts Warrior Summit

Illinois is in the midst of planning for their annual Warrior Summit and Welcome Home celebration hosted by SVA - IL. SVA - IL will have over 100 VSOs on hand, provide education workshops, resume building and job interview seminars, over 50 employers showcasing their career opportunities, raffle give-aways and free live entertainment including free concerts and massages.  The Illinois Warrior Summit will take place on April 24, 2010 at the University of Illinois throughout the 24th.

For more information, contact [email protected]


SVA @ University of North Texas opens Veterans's Center

One of UNT's newest campus centers, the Veterans Center, was created to help meet the needs of the growing number of veterans enrolling at the university.  In 2008, UNT conducted a study about veterans and veteran students. Several recommendations came out of that research, and two of them were to start a Student Veterans of America chapter at UNT and establish a Veterans Center to serve as a liaison for student veterans.  The SVA chapter was founded in December, 2008 and the center opened in August, 2009. A portion of the student service fee paid by students supports the center's operations. In the 4 months it's been open, the center has served more than 120 individual student veterans. 
Primarily, the center helps student veterans navigate the university's resources to improve their academic success. It assists new and current student veterans as they transition from the military to academic settings and its programs are designed to address the particular needs of transitioning student veterans.  The center also helps spouses and dependants who are eligible for veteran education benefits. The center is also the home of UNT's SVA chapter, a student organization that supports veterans and strives to improve the welfare of student veterans and their families. Mona Hicks, dean of students, says that a sense of "comradeship is vital to student success" and the SVA chapter and Veterans Center staff help provide that element for UNT veteran students. {excerpted from UNT website}
 To read more, please click here. Contact SVA @ UNT


SVA @ San Diego State hosts Southern California Summit

Southern California will host a Southern California summit on February 27, 2010 at the campus of San Diego State University.

If you would like more information, contact Josh Ray, Chris Hanson and/or Jessi Tseng 

SVA @ University of Michigan-Flint open Veteran's Center

The center will even assist with off campus issues such as obtaining financial aid, tutoring, housing or business loans. The Resource Center started as a collaboration between the Veteran's Student Organization, Provost Jack Kay and faculty on campus as part of the SVPS (Student Veterans Support Program).  Jeremy Glasstetter, State Director of the SVA in Michigan started working on helping veteran students upon completing his military service.

To see a video of this center, please click here

For more information, please contact Jeremy Glasstetter at [email protected]

If your chapter, state, or region, would like to be featured in this newsletter, please send an email to [email protected] with "Newsletter" in the subject line.

Communication & SVA Blog

Official SVA communications will be sent either via this e-mail format, our SVA Website, our official Facebook Page and/or the SVA Leadership team. These mediums will be in-sync and serve to keep you informed of updates regarding benefits, legislative issues, and various other updates.

In addition, if your member chapter does not have any communication with a state director, regional director or the elected leadership of SVA (President, Vice-President, and Secretary), or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line Communication or your elected leaders stating the aforementioned. Due to turnover at the chapter, state and regional level, we want to ensure you have the ability to communicate with your leadership.

President Derek Blumke: [email protected]

VP Michael Dakduk: [email protected]

Secretary Marello Harris: [email protected]   

In addition, in a move to bolster communication among chapters, state directors, regional directors, specialty directors, and the board, SVA will institute a blog for SVA members to share their concerns, updates, and issues facing student veterans in their campus, area, and/or region. We will send a member update once this feature becomes available for everyone.

From now on, SVA Newsletters will sent every quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) on April 1, July 1, October 1 and January 1. However, SVA leadership will send periodic updates via the official channels mentioned inclduing but not limited to conference updates, new programs and services, and much much more... 

Status of Executive Director Search

SVA was seeking a talented, motivated candidate to fill the position of Executive Director. The Executive Director of SVA is the primary point of contact for SVA's day-to-day operations. This position was offered to two SVA leaders, both of whom decided that a move to Washington D.C. was not in their career path. As a result, SVA was left without an Executive Director. During this time, our president, Derek Blumke, filled in as interim Executive Director.  At the same time, he temporarily relinquished his duties as President for the summer and fall semesters. Vice-President Michael Dakduk and Secretary Marello Harris stepped up and assumed the duties of President and Vice President.  Western regional Director Jessi Tseng served as the interim Secretary.

During his short tenure,  Derek was able to build partnerships and bolster SVA's grasstoots presence in addition to developing our fundraising strategy. However, we recognize the need for a permamnenet Executive Director and continue the search.  As a result, Derek resumed his position as President effective January 1, 2010.

SVA continues to seek a talented, motivated candidate to fill the position of Executive Director. The Executive Director of SVA is the primary point of contact for SVA's day-to-day operations. The Executive Director will:

1. Manages SVA's finances on a day-to-day basis, and ensure that SVA complies with all tax and accounting rules and regulations.
2. Manage SVA's national headquarters in Washington DC.

3. Serve as the primary point of contact for SVA's day-to-day activities.
4. Develop and coordinate media outreach

5. Lead fundraising efforts for SVA
6. Ensure that organizational communications are professional and efficient. Duties may include writing and publishing a monthly newsletter, sending out organization wide emails, and communicating in writing with other organizations.

7. Develop and manage partnerships with external organizations including other veterans' organizations, and corporations.

8. Coordinate volunteers in day-to-day operations both at the national headquarters and all across the country.

9. Manage and coordinate SVA's advocacy initiatives. Duties may include meeting with representatives, coordinating visits by student veterans to representative offices, and communicating with SVA about the state of relevant veterans legislation.

Desired qualifications: The ideal candidate will be an organized, motivated, and competent manager with a BA/BS or equivalent degree. Experience with veteran's affairs, especially student veterans is highly desired. Experience with non-profit corporations preferred. Competency with common business software such as MS Office, and Quicken is essential. This job is located in the District of Columbia. Travel may be required within the United States.

Development Director Search

SVA is seeking a talented, motivated candidate to fill the position of Director of Organizational Development. The Development Director of SVA is the primary point of contact for SVA's fundraising efforts. The Director of Development will: 
1. Manage fundraising efforts for SVA  
2. Coordinate fundraising efforts with SVA leadership and board of directors. 
3. Pursue new fundraising initiatives including grant writing, fundraising events, fundraising partnerships and campaigns. 
4. Manage existing fundraising initiatives including providing reporting for current grant programs, managing donor relationships in cooperation with SVA's leadership, and ensuring that SVA's current fundraising operations are coordinated effectively.  
5. Coordinate volunteers engaged in assisting with fundraising operations both at the national headquarters and all across the country.  
Desired qualifications: The ideal candidate will be an organized, motivated, and competent manager with a BA/BS or equivalent degree. Knowledge of fundraising for non-profits is essential, and experience with grant writing is preferred. Experience with veteran's affairs, especially student veterans is highly desired. Experience with managing donor relationships is highly desired. Competency with common business software such as MS Office, and Quicken is essential. Strong written and oral communication skills are essential. This job is located in the District of Columbia. Travel may be required within the United States.  
Salary: $39,000 

To Apply please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

SVA Board Meeting and Minutes

All SVA Board meetings and minutes are available for SVA members to view here. All minutes are usually posted within 7 days of the meeting to increase transparency and accountability. However, new website upgrades are currently being handled by the IT Director, Erick Gonzalez, causing delays in usual posting times.