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Wounded Warriors Newsletter - 5/27/2010



In just a week, communities across America will salute the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. And I thank you for honoring the meaning of Memorial Day all year long!

To Honor the Tragic Price of Freedom!
Support WWP today!

As the wounded grieve for fallen comrades, they also endure the tragic impact of war in their own lives. Remember these heroes this Memorial Day when you give $50 ... $75 ... even $100 to WWP now!
Support WWP today!

Each time you give to the Wounded Warrior Project, you pay homage to our fallen heroes by serving their friends who lived but came home to deal with the lifelong impact of combat.

Many of these wounded warriors will feel a double loss on our national day of remembering. As they grieve for fallen comrades, they'll also face the painful, lifelong impact of their own sacrifices.

You'll offer these heroes peace and healing as you make your Memorial Day gift to WWP!

The cost of freedom is high. I see it every day in the warriors you serve through WWP ― muscles torn by shrapnel, brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, lost mobility and hearing, and so much more.

As casualties climb in Afghanistan, so does the urgent need for the service you provide to the wounded through WWP.

We honor our war dead because they paid the highest price in defense of this nation. But wounded warriors also made unimaginable sacrifices.

We can never make up for the sacrifice of a young man's vision or a brave woman's arms. But you can reach out to these living heroes with a special Memorial Day Gift of $50 ... $75 ... $100 or more!

Steven Nardizzi, Signature
Steven Nardizzi, CEO
Wounded Warrior Project

The greatest casualty is being forgotten.


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