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Job Posting Program offers our   audience of active military including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast   Guard, Guard and Reserves, Veterans and their families seeking employment   exposure to a multitude of outstanding employment opportunities. We feature   federal jobs, government jobs and veteran jobs including the Federal Job   Bank.

Additionally, we have formed   alliances with other organizations in order to make our audience cognizant of as   wide a range of outstanding civilian employment opportunities, federal jobs,   government jobs and veteran jobs as possible, in occupational specialties across   the board. offers our   clients the opportunity to post jobs on our Job Board. Clients can post current   jobs and as their needs change, make modifications to existing job postings. For assistance with job board postings, please contact us.

Job   Posting Program

Each   posting is for a 60 day term.      The pricing is as follows:

1 - 25 Job   Postings$175 per job posting
26 - 50 Job Postings$155 per job posting
51 - 99 Job   Postings$130 per job   posting
100 or more Job Postings$110   per job posting


Clients who combine services on a   contract will receive unlimited job postings and resume access for their   contract term, available to multiple users.  These services are offered on a   first come basis.  Please contact us for   more information.