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Military Joins Forces with the Breastfeeding Shop to Share TRICARE Benefits Information with Nursing Military Moms is proud to join forces with the Breastfeeding Shop, a national supplier of breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies for moms covered by Tricare.

Every mother wants to do the very best that she can for her baby. She wants her child to develop and grow into a healthy and strong toddler. Nursing your infant and providing them with breast milk for at least the first six months of their lives is an important step to achieving this goal. It also passes on mom’s immunities to baby. Breast pumps make this process much easier. The Breastfeeding Shop wants to assist moms in providing a great start for their babies with top-rated breastfeeding products. is proud to help spread the word.

“TRICARE coverage for breastfeeding moms and moms-to-be is second to none,” said Military Connection CEO Debbie Gregory. “The coverage includes high quality, brand name breast feeding products such as those provided by the Breastfeeding Shop, including a wide range of top-rated postpartum and prenatal support products.”

The Breastfeeding Shop takes pride in being authorized to provide TRICARE moms and moms-to-be with a variety of electric breast pumps and supplies to assist moms in the care and usage of all their breast pumping needs. The family owned and operated shop provides exceptional customer service and easy online ordering applications for moms-to-be.

"My goal as a mom and a breast pump supplier is to provide as much as support as possible to military moms when it comes to breast pumps and supplies, while educating on what exactly is available to them,” said Patty Gatter, owner of The Breastfeeding Shop. She continued, “We take the burden of out of pocket expenses or upfront costs out of the equation and work directly with our clients’ Tricare Insurance. We pride ourselves in taking the guesswork out of the process and handle it, HASSLE FREE, for them!"


The Breast Pump Insurance Order Form page of the Breastfeeding Shop’s website is a secure and easy way to place orders. The Blog page contains articles and tips that are valuable to all moms and babies. 

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