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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues impact those who serve and their loved ones. PTSD may result in anxiety and depression.  PTSD and other mental health issues are not always as obvious as physical injuries. They can be challenging even for mental health professionals to recognize and diagnose. Often PTSD and other mental health issues do not appear immediately. Mental health issues and PTSD are very serious and frightening for soldiers and their loved ones. They are as real as any physical injuries. is delighted to be working with an extraordinary organization, Give an Hour. is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of our troops and their loved ones who are affected by mental health issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. This organization has amassed a network of over 1700 mental healthcare professionals to offer pro bono treatment. 

The idea is for each mental health professional to donate one hour of treatment once a week to address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss and grieving, the fears associated with having a loved one deploy or the adjustment to coming home.  Dr. Barbara Romberg is the founder of Her goal is to build a network of thousands of mental health professionals to serve the mental health needs of the military community. is proud to partner with this noble organization to improve the quality of life for those who serve and their loved ones. We will be featuring articles and resources about PTSD and mental health issues.  Our goal is to become your “go-to” website for resources and information on the important issues and subjects that are important. is your one stop resource center for PTSD and mental health information and resources.

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Date Article
8/27/2012HTML Self-inflicted Wounds
4/27/2012HTML VA Increases Mental Health Staff
4/16/2012HTML Nursing groups Announce PTSS, TBI Training
2/17/2012HTML Army Looks to Ensure Consistent PTSD Diagnosis
1/23/2012HTML Army study shows decline in suicides and in behavioral health stigma
12/24/2011HTML Poem: "I Have PTSD"
10/25/2011HTML TXA Improves Combat Trauma Survival
10/25/2011HTML KidsPeace Awarded Major Grant to Fund New Mentoring Program for Military Families
10/6/2011HTML New Health Campaign Promotion Tackles Depression
5/26/2011HTML Privacy Concerns Rise as Military Suicide Prevention Efforts Increase
5/23/2011HTML The Battle Over PTSD
3/25/2011HTML Get Help for PTSD
3/25/2011HTML New treatment eases symptoms of PTSD
2/25/2011HTML Obama seeks $7.2 billion for PTSD/TBI treatment
11/30/2010HTML Spiritual Care PTSD Handbook (PDF)
10/28/2010HTML Smart Phone App Helps Track Post-Deployment Emotional Health
10/26/2010HTML Pentagon to Host Premiere of HBO Documentary WARTORN 1861-2010
6/28/2010HTML Services Work to Learn More About Brain Ailments, Suicides
6/14/2010HTML Medal of Honor Recipients Promote Mental-Health Support
4/20/2010HTML Shinseki Emphasizes Mental Health
3/11/2010HTML Coming Home, Student Vets Face Inner War
3/3/2010HTML Military Leads Mental Health Care Transformation
2/15/2010HTML Courage to Call
2/2/2010HTML Emergency physicians researching suicide prevention and detection 
1/29/2010HTML Army Colonel Pushes for Stronger Suicide Prevention
1/20/2010HTML Women's scars of war
12/18/2009HTML Tricare program for ‘gray area’ reservists coming
12/16/2009HTML Conference Explores Trauma's Impact on Families
12/10/2009HTML Task force finds improvement in sexual assault response
12/9/2009HTML Spreading the word about PTSD

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