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PTSD & Mental Health Articles & Links

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues impact those who serve and their loved ones. PTSD may result in anxiety and depression.  PTSD and other mental health issues are not always as obvious as physical injuries. They can be challenging even for mental health professionals to recognize and diagnose. Often PTSD and other mental health issues do not appear immediately. Mental health issues and PTSD are very serious and frightening for soldiers and their loved ones. They are as real as any physical injuries. is delighted to be working with an extraordinary organization, Give an Hour. is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of our troops and their loved ones who are affected by mental health issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. This organization has amassed a network of over 1700 mental healthcare professionals to offer pro bono treatment. 

The idea is for each mental health professional to donate one hour of treatment once a week to address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss and grieving, the fears associated with having a loved one deploy or the adjustment to coming home.  Dr. Barbara Romberg is the founder of Her goal is to build a network of thousands of mental health professionals to serve the mental health needs of the military community. is proud to partner with this noble organization to improve the quality of life for those who serve and their loved ones. We will be featuring articles and resources about PTSD and mental health issues.  Our goal is to become your “go-to” website for resources and information on the important issues and subjects that are important. is your one stop resource center for PTSD and mental health information and resources.

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7/22/2008HTMLNew programs warn about mixing medicines, alcohol
7/2/2008HTMLStudy Links Heart Health and Post-Traumatic Stress
6/23/2008HTMLSuicide numbers raise alarm
6/23/2008HTMLReducing the stigma of mental health assistance to support Army personnel
6/23/2008HTML“Disposable Heroes”: Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs
6/23/2008HTMLAntidepressant Use Soars Among Deployed
6/23/2008HTMLAmerica’s Medicated Army
6/13/2008HTMLMaryland Offers Vets Back From War Guidance to Mental Health Help
6/11/2008HTMLFor Wounded Veterans and Their Families, a Journey Without Maps
6/11/2008HTMLMental health injuries scar 300,000 troops
5/21/2008HTMLVeteran stress cases up sharply
5/21/2008HTMLSurge Seen in Number of Homeless Veterans
5/21/2008HTMLMilitary – Mental Illness in Deployed Soldiers
5/20/2008HTMLMilitary Directs Services to At-Risk Troops
5/20/2008HTMLHome but Still Haunted
5/20/2008HTMLNational Coalition of Homeless Vets
5/12/2008HTMLVietnam veterans help returning Iraq soldiers deal with shocks of war
5/8/2008HTMLTalking Veterans Down From Despair
5/1/2008HTMLBill would expand PTSD benefits
4/23/2008HTMLAfter War, Love Can Be a Battlefield
4/7/2008HTMLArmy Is Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq
2/28/2008HTMLThe Strength Within: One NCO's Experience with Suicide and PTSD
2/4/2008HTMLStudy links stress to soldiers' maladies
1/22/2008HTMLNew Generation of Homeless Vets Emerge
11/15/2007HTMLReport: California leads nation in number of homeless veterans
6/5/2007HTMLGuide to combat Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
10/23/2006HTMLStress Takes its Toll on Combat Veterans

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