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Our veteran articles offer advice, helpful information and useful resources for the many veterans of the military community. When it comes to learning about VA benefits, Post-Traumatic Stress, veteran scholarships, the latest asbestos information and general information about veteran organizations and veteran centers, is the place to be. We cover a large array of veteran information that is pertinent to the lives of our audience. This information is updated regularly, so check back often to find the most up-to-date resources and information available. is your “go-to” site for important veteran information. We have something for everyone and all of our resources are free to users. For the most relevant military and veteran information on the web, visit

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8/30/2012HTML Free, Quality Programs Can Launch Vet Careers
8/29/2012HTML 2012 California Woman Veteran Leader of the Year Awards
8/29/2012HTML First Lady Announces 125,000 Veterans and Military Spouses Hired Through Joining Forces
8/10/2012HTML 2nd Annual Bikers Helping Veterans Charity Ride
7/23/2012HTML Veterans Appling for VRAP Benefits
3/21/2012HTML ALS and the Military
3/19/2012HTML You Can Get Both Social Security Benefits And Military Retirement
12/2/2011HTML Chicago Sports Stars join VA to end Veteran Homelessness
11/16/2011HTML Close to 25 percent of VA Patients Have Diabetes
10/21/2011HTML “Not just a job…a career.”
10/20/2011HTML VA Awards $7.5 Million to U.S Olympic Committee
10/12/2011HTML VA to Build Polytrauma-Blind Rehabilitation Center in Palo Alto
9/23/2011HTML New Telephone Service: Coaching into Care
9/6/2011HTML VA Posts Online List of Ships Associated with Presumptive Agent Orange Exposure
8/15/2011HTML Bikers Helping Veterans
7/21/2011HTML The American Legion slams veteran-unfriendly “Coburn proposal” to cut VA and military spending
7/15/2011HTML Check Off On DMV Application Gives Veterans Choice
5/26/2011HTML National Veterans Golden Age Games
3/31/2011HTML A Second Chance: Veterans Treatment Courts
3/22/2011HTML Roundtable shares strategies to help homeless veterans
3/16/2011HTML VA Launches New PSA on Suicide Prevention for Veterans
3/16/2011HTML CalVet Signs MOUs with Homeless Veteran Service Providers
10/27/2010HTML Disabled Army Veteran Skydives With Prosthetic Legs
6/25/2010HTML Military Pay Competitive With Private Sector
6/15/2010HTML Microsoft to Award Cash and Software to Support Programs for Veterans
6/15/2010HTML VA Initiative Enhances Safety of Inpatient Surgery Services
6/15/2010HTML Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould Kicks Off National VA Research Week
6/15/2010HTML Startling New Data Indicates Rise in Post-Iraq and Afghanistan Suicide Rates in Service Members
6/15/2010HTML Junior Officers Honored at MOAA Luncheon – NHB Critical Care Nurse Highlighted
4/22/2010HTML American Legion urges Congress to give jobless veterans “proper training and tools” for new careers
4/16/2010HTML Skinseki Vows to Reduce VA Claims
4/16/2010HTML Thousands of Vets Missing Out On Better Benefits
4/16/2010HTML Homelessness Tackled by Veterans Administration
3/11/2010HTML Working for the DoD
2/15/2010HTML Skilled Veterans Will Meet Labor Needs in the 21st Century
1/5/2010HTML Female War Vets Struggle For Acceptance
12/9/2009HTML Legion to support WWII veteran’s fight for flagpole
11/10/2009HTML The American Legion characterizes new Council of Veterans Employment as “a decent start”
11/6/2009HTML Shinseki outlines plan to end veteran homelessness
10/19/2009HTML Shinseki Pledges Better Support For Veterans
10/14/2009HTML The American Legion praises VA for “overdue but welcome” help for more Agent Orange victims
10/9/2009HTML American Legion Praises “Cure” for Late VA Budgets
9/29/2009HTML Legion to White House: We must not lose Afghanistan
9/28/2009HTML Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans” Day Bill
8/18/2009HTML Secretary Shinseki Announces Expansion of Counseling for Combat Veterans
8/14/2009HTML Michigan Named Among Nation’s Top Three States Favorable to Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses
7/24/2009HTML Veterans Courts' help return veterans to self-sufficiency
7/23/2009HTML Women Vets Discover 'Grace After Fire'
7/17/2009HTML American Legion commends DHS for vets employment initiative
7/6/2009HTML Colleges, Universities Gear Focus to Vets as GI Bill Increases Attendance
7/2/2009HTML Flood and Storm Relief Funding Available for Veterans and Families
4/27/2009HTML National Veterans Statistics as of Veterans Day 2008
4/15/2009HTML President Obama Announces the Creation of a Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record
3/24/2009HTML Court to Notify Veterans About a Class Action Settlement Involving The Theft of Computer Equipment Containing Personal Data
1/13/2009 HTML VA, DOT, DOD Steer Vets toward Safe Driving Deadly Toll from Post-Deployment Car Crashes
1/13/2009 HTML Women who served in Iraq, Afghanistan work to recover
1/6/2009 HTML Some Veterans see Another VA Travel Increase
1/6/2009 HTML VA to Refund Money to Survivors
12/18/2008 HTML What are their unique health care needs and how are VA nurses creating culturally competent strategies to meet them?
12/18/2008 HTML The American Legion Reiterates Call to Dismantle Veterans Corporation
12/15/2008 HTML Vets group slams McCain on voting record
11/20/2008 HTML Arming vets in fight against smoking
11/18/2008 HTML VA Expands Protections for Veterans with Missing Paperwork
11/13/2008 HTML Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans join the homeless
11/6/2008 HTML 14th Military Intelligence Battalion reactivates
10/16/2008 HTML Bush signs two vets' benefits bills into law
10/15/2008 HTML Timelines for Filing Amended Income Tax Returns Extended for Retro-VA Compensation Awards
10/7/2008 HTML Changes coming to disability claims process
10/7/2008 HTML Hubbard Act mends policy for veteran who lost brothers in Iraq
10/6/2008 HTML VA Secretary Establishes ALS as a Presumptive Compensable Illness Cites Association between Military Service and Later Development of ALS
10/6/2008 HTML VA Announces $36 Million in Grants for Homeless Programs
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