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At, we are pleased to present the Military Connection Writers’ Circle. Through the contribution of various guest writers, we strive to provide our users with valuable information through these original writings that cover a variety of topics. We also hope to feature organizations that you otherwise might not be aware of, and let you know about their good works, and how you can assist them or take advantage of what they provide. Many of these organizations and associations are doing amazing things, and truly making a difference.

Among the topics our guest writers will cover are important and timely issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (formerly called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Suicide Prevention, Military Spouses, Education and Hiring Veterans. Some of our contributors write professionally, while others consider themselves writing hobbyists. While our guest writers will possess different writing styles and diversity of content, there is one important thing they all have in common-that is that they share a passion for the written word, as well as a desire to share information with their readers. These articles will assist those who serve including transitioning military, veterans, military spouses and supporters with resources and information on areas of importance to them. At time, we will have opinion pieces, but we will continue our policy of staying apolitical. First and foremost, we support the men and women who serve our nation, and their loved ones and supporters. They protect us and our freedoms, allowing us to live our lives and pursue our dreams. They make tremendous sacrifices, and the Military Connection Writers’ Circle is dedicated to them.

If you would like to be a contributor to the Military Connection Writers’ Circle, we welcome you to submit your work to us. The guidelines are as stated above: please only submit work that is original (not published elsewhere and not copy written). We also will not accept political writings. Some of the submissions will be featured on the Military Connection Newsletter. We reserve the right to edit submissions, but will be focused on correcting grammatical and typographical errors.

For admission consideration, email your article to

Date Article
11/3/2014HTML Respect for the Flag
5/15/2014HTML Wartime Christmas Sears Memory
4/4/2014HTML Beautiful Monterey, CA
12/17/2013HTML Battlefield Collection
11/26/2013HTML From the Shadows Into the Light
11/26/2013HTML My Memories of the Day JFK Died
8/22/2013HTML Sportable's Adaptive Programs
8/9/2013HTML Anthony DeFusco WWII Radio Gunner by Tony Caruso
7/31/2013HTML Defy the Impossible by Duncan Bathe
7/30/2013HTML I'll Fly Away - The Carl B. Yerian Story by John R. Gray
7/22/2013HTML Rebooting the Veteran Mind by Krishna M. Jackson
7/22/2013HTML How I Was Charged with Desertion by Maj. David N. Baker USAF (Ret)
7/12/2013HTML American Canoe Association
7/12/2013HTML Coastal Carolina Adaptive Sports & Recreation
6/27/2013HTML Don’t Forget the Military Wives! by Kathryn
6/18/2013HTML Insight Care and Connection
6/11/2013HTML Veterans 360 by Rick Collins
5/16/2013HTML 6,000 Highlights: The Little C.H.A.M.P.S – Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel by Debbie Fink
5/14/2013HTML Operation Freedom Paws - Small, but Mighty
5/14/2013HTML 100,000 Angels Is Milestone Celebration
5/13/2013HTML World Sport Chicago - 2013 Valor Games Midwest
5/13/2013HTML Wounded Warrior Family Foundation’s Mission
5/10/2013HTML Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance Benefit Changes
5/10/2013HTML Poor VA Mental Healthcare Follow-up
5/9/2013HTML Army Staff Sgt's Career Inspires Spouse to Join
5/8/2013HTML Backlog of Veteran Disability Claims
5/7/2013HTML Heavy Metal Certification Program Launched
5/7/2013HTML CAF Operation Rebound by Nico Marcolongo
4/30/2013HTML Energizing Vet-Owned Businesses in Minnesota by Alan Duff
4/25/2013HTML IEDs In America? by staff writer Carol Miraula
4/24/2013HTML Gems of Wisdom for Military Parents by Lisa Cypers Kamen
4/24/2013HTML Helping the Family During Deployment by Lisa Cypers Kamen
4/23/2013HTML Here are 10 Ways To Save Money
4/22/2013HTML Catch A Lift
4/10/2013HTML I am a Debtor by Daniel O'Brien, Esquire
4/8/2013HTML American Soldier Network
4/4/2013HTML Allegations of VA Whistleblower
4/3/2013HTML Civilian Certifications for Veterans
3/27/2013HTML Four Vietnam Veterans Then and Now by Tom Edwards
3/15/2013HTML Matt Pagan - Total Pay App
3/14/2013HTML Helping Military Families to Reconnect With Their Extended Families and Friends By Yvonne Jones
3/5/2013HTML Brainwave Research Helping Veterans by staff writer Carol Miraula
2/7/2013HTML Applying For Jobs: Quality, Not Quantity, Counts by Matt Lowney
2/4/2013HTML Veterans First Orange County
1/24/2013HTML Part I - Katchi kapshida - Joint Korean US Readiness by Marc Yablonka
1/24/2013HTML Part I - Katchi kapshida - We go together by Marc Yablonka
1/2/2013HTML Military Vacations & Veteran Vacations by staff writer Carol Miraula
12/19/2012HTML Military Leaders in Transition – A Great Resource for Senior Military in Transition to Civilian Life by Vera Steiner Blore
11/5/2012HTML Eric Cantu Guest Speaker at Veterans Memorial Dedication by Evelyn Dove
10/19/2012HTML Project Salute: Young Lawyers Serving Veterans by Michael Schramski

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