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Basic Allowance for Subsistence

Basic Allowance for Subsistence
Because service members are assigned to a variety of situations, some of which either mandate or prevent obtaining meals from a government facility. Due to a rise in food prices in 2011, BAS has increased for 2011.
Officers - (including commissioned officers, warrant officers and aviation cadets)$223.04 per month
Enlisted - (almost everyone who has completed basic training)$325.87 per month

*Note: A Discount Meal Rate (DMR) offset of minus $8.35 a day applies to all Coast Guard enlisted members assigned to a ship with messing facilities, a Class “A” School, OCS (prior service), a deployed Port Security Unit, and enlisted members E-6 and below stationed ashore who reside in government-owned quarters and are required to eat meals at a government dining facility.

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