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Best Jobs in America - Magazine Report

A new list of “The Best Jobs in America”— created by magazine — aims to connect job seekers to the best employment opportunities in the nation. has listed 35 of the top 50 jobs with their annual salaries.  Please check out our Virtual Job Fair for some of these jobs, the link is:  /virtualfairs 

to find outstanding job opportunities in many of these fields.  Stay tuned for's new and improved Job Board with thousands of Job Listings!

The CNNMoney's/Money magazine's list:

  1. Software engineer: Bachelor's degree $80,427
  2. College professor: Master's Degree or Doctorate, $81,491
  3. Financial advisor: Bachelor's degree $122,462
  4. Human resources manager: Bachelor's or Master's degree $73,731
  5. Physician assistant: Bachelor's or Associate's degree $75,117
  6. Market research analyst: Bachelor's $82,317
  7. Computer/IT analyst: Bachelor's $83,427
  8. Real estate appraiser: Associate's or Bachelor's $66,216
  9. Pharmacist: Bachelor's or Master's $91,998
  10. Psychologist: Medical degree $66,049
  11. Advertising manager: Bachelor's or Master's $107,049
  12. Physical therapist: Bachelor's or Master's $54,883
  13. Technical writer: Bachelor's or Master's $57,841
  14. Chiropractor: Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's $84,996
  15. Medical scientist: Medical degree $70,053
  16. Physical scientist: Master's or Doctorate $80, 213
  17. Engineer: Bachelor's or Master's $76,100
  18. Curriculum developer: Bachelor's or Master's $55,793
  19. Editor: Bachelor's or Master's $78,242
  20. Public relations specialist: Bachelor's or Master's $84,567
  21. Sales manager: Bachelor's or Master's,$135,903
  22. Optometrist: Medical degree $93,670
  23. Property manager: Associate's or Bachelor's $78,375
  24. Actuary: Bachelor's or Master's $81,509
  25. Writer: Bachelor's $60,519
  26. Social service manager: Bachelor's or Master's $74,584
  27. Paralegal: Bachelor's $61,204
  28. Health services manager: Bachelor's or Master's $92,211
  29. Advertising sales agent: Bachelor's or Master's $247, 536
  30. Physician/Surgeon: Medical degree $247,536
  31. Management analyst: Bachelor's or Master's $63, 426
  32. Occupational therapist: Bachelor's or Master's $51, 973
  33. Mental health counselor: Master's or Medical degree $53, 150
  34. Landscape architect: Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's $50, 383
  35. Biotechnology research scientist: Master's of Doctorate $66,393

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