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Press Releases
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5/23HTMLTransition team improves local police
5/23HTMLSecurity in Al-Anbar improves, number of attacks drop
5/23HTMLRomanian, American Soldiers stand united
5/23HTMLJoint security operation uncovers cache
5/23HTMLIraqi Security Forces repel attacks in Mosul
5/18HTMLBaghdad ‘Surge' Moves Forward as Search for Missing Troops Continues
5/18HTMLIraq Assistance Group Supports the Feature Performance
5/18HTMLAdmiral Fallon Tours U.S. Army Central Facilities in Kuwait
5/18HTMLQatari finds talent as translator during multinational military exercises
5/18HTMLYou Call…We Haul
5/16HTMLSoldiers help heal 3-year-old Iraqi boy with second degree burns
5/16HTMLCheney: America will stay on offensive against terror
5/16HTMLDevil Dogs take a bite out of insurgency
5/16HTMLIraqi, Coalition forces focus on Rashid
5/16HTMLIraqi Soldiers prove their worth
5/8HTMLPlan in motion to restore Haifa Street
5/8HTMLSeabees help Marines spearhead effort
5/8HTMLZebari: Don't abandon us
5/8HTMLSheiks sign peace agreement
5/8HTMLSoldier in heroic battle to receive Silver Star
5/8HTMLIraqis Can Move Forward as Surge Takes Hold, General Says
5/8HTMLInstitutional Competence Slow, But Growing, General Says
5/8HTMLWolfhounds Work To Secure Economic Success
5/8HTMLWater Tops Priorities for Kirkuk's Rural Majority
5/8HTMLPlan in motion to restore Haifa Street
5/8HTMLIraqis Can Move Forward as Surge Takes Hold, General Says
5/8HTMLSpartan Sappers Secure Area of Operation
5/8HTMLKirkuk Police Academy takes training to a new level
5/8HTMLVanguard engineers pave way for victory ‘from the sky'
5/8HTMLIraqi, U.S. officials discuss way forward
5/2HTMLMaysan security now in Iraqi hands
5/2HTMLSeabees build outpost in Al Anbar
5/2HTMLVillages benefit from engineers' mission
5/2HTMLOperation Commando Dive nets suspects, guns
5/2HTMLHard Rock platoon keeps streets safe
4/30HTMLFriends From Space Support the IAG
4/30HTMLMilitary Transition Teams Embed with Iraqi Security
4/30HTMLCoalition Forces see progress in Diyala River Valley
4/25HTMLSoldiers in Baqouba keep pressure on Al-Qaida in Iraq
4/25HTMLMedical logisticians train Iraqi soldiers
4/25HTMLEfforts against extremists continue
4/25HTMLVillages benefit from engineers' mission
4/23PDF'The Advisor' - April 21, 2007
4/20HTMLSuicide Bomb Attacks Present Top Challenge in Iraq, Fallon Says
4/20HTMLFallon: Radical Islamic Leader's Aims Remain a Puzzle
4/20PDFHouse Armed Services Committee: 2008 National Defense Authorization Budget Request From CENTCOM – Admiral Fallon Testimony Transcript
4/20HTMLResignation of Iraqi Cabinet Officers Can Turn Into Positive Step
4/20HTMLGates Describes ‘Excellent Visit' to Jordan
4/20HTMLIraqi Police continue to improve safety in Baghdad neighborhood
4/20HTMLJoint statement by Ambassador Asquith, Ambassador Crocker and Gen. Petraeus on the transfer of Maysan Province

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