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Sell your Cars, Motorcycle, Boats, Appliances Computers, etc., Rent Your House and more.... is pleased to provide our users free opportunities to advertise their personal items/property for sale. We have created a special Virtual Marketplace area on our new Job Board as a resource. This is a positive way to connect buyers and sellers.

We understand that our audience is often on the move, whether they are changing orders, transitioning or retiring. If you have a car, motorcycle, appliance, computer, collection or something for sale, please feel free to post these items on the Virtual Marketplace. If you need to make a purchase, you may want to check the items offered there.


  • Login or Register as a User & (you will be directed to new Job Board)
  • The Virtual Marketplace is on the right hand side of the Job Board
  • Select the category of your For Sale item & Click “POST” (upper right)  
  • Agree to Terms of Use
  • Select a Posting Title and fill in your price and location
  • Post the description and fill in your email address
  • Enter the security code and click “Continue”
  • You will receive a Confirmation Email that you must click on
  • Please keep this email to manage, edit or delete your posting

This service is designed for individuals to sell their personal property. It is not intended to be used by any commercial entities. All transactions are strictly between buyers and sellers. does warrant or guarantee any items.

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