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Operation Sound Off

Operation: Sound Off! (OSO) provides music recording and performing opportunities to active and veteran military personnel with musical aspirations they put on hold to serve their country. We believe these efforts can help with rehabilitation, reintegration, and give them an opportunity to tell their stories through music. OSO was created by Grammy Award winning artist, Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks), and producer/arranger, Scotty Huff (The Mavericks, Keith Urban), to help facilitate the musical dreams of these brave and talented individuals for the sacrifices they've made to protect our very freedom to dream. We think they've earned it! This includes time in full-service recording facilities, with professional recording engineers, music producers, songwriters, and accompaniment by world-class musicians, all at no cost to them. This will culminate in an ongoing series of “best of” albums, spanning all genres, digital downloads, concert tours, and an episodic television production.

Inspired by current events with our troops in harms way, Robert and Scotty were driven to give back to our service men and women who continue to defend our way of life which encourages each of us to pursue our dreams.

“These are the very men and women who've defended my freedom and my right to dream, which has allowed me to achieve so much with The Mavericks,” says Reynolds. “Now it's our turn to provide them the same opportunities."

Many of these brave individuals share the same musical dreams that Robert and Scotty have lived, but set them aside in order to serve our country. OSO wants to provides this unique opportunity for these heroes to express themselves and tell their stories through music.

“It is our dream that the resulting music derived from this ongoing project will be an inspiration to other servicemen and servicewomen, and to the rest of the world,” says Huff.

Whether this project provides these artists with a cathartic experience which helps them with issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or simply gives them a special moment to fulfill a lifelong dream, OSO wants to help make it happen. After all, they've earned it.

If you would like to help, you can pledge as little as $1.00.