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America's Mighty Warriors

America's Mighty Warriors
My Son Gave His Life for this Country...What will you give?
Dear Debbie,

  Aug 2nd 2009 finds me in Connecticut, preparing to board a flight back home. I spent the weekend celebrating with one of my "adopted sons" and the love of his life as they were married yesterday. What a joyous occasion to share in their commitment to spend the rest of their lives loving supporting and giving of themselves for each other.
This morning found everyone saying their goodbyes and departing for home and wishing the bride and groom farewell for their honeymoon. I headed back to my room and began packing my things and reflecting on how this day Aug 2nd will forever be "Memorial Day" in my life.
Three years ago today I received news that would forever change my life. I heard the words that no Mother ever wants to hear. "We're sorry to inform you that your son Marc Alan Lee has been killed in action."  I still remember it as though it were yesterday and yet it has been three years.
My mind flashes back through the years I was blessed to have Marc in my life. I remember the news that I was pregnant as a single Mother having just divorced their Father. Kris was 3 and Cheryl was 18 months and now there would be three little mouths to feed. How would I ever survive?
I remember even as a toddler Marc's smile, his zest for life and the crazy noises he was always making. I remember his first trip to the hospital at 3, to get stitches after falling off my Aunt Betty's swing set. I remember his brakes failing as a 6 year old and him speeding down the hill near our home crashing into the cement wall knocking him unconscious and in the hospital for 3 days. I remember home schooling him and constantly reminding him focus, focus, focus Marc. I remember him deciding to be a professional soccer player as a freshman when he had never played a day of soccer. I remember him taking our video camera after flooding in Hood River and him pretending to be the local reporter. I remember him receiving the most improved player on his soccer team. I remember the night before try-outs for the Colorado Avalanche Pro Soccer team and him blowing his knee out, sending him back home to recuperate. I remember him jumping the fence at the Hotel Del in Coronado during BUDs training to sneak into the hot tub to soothe his exhausted body. I remember his constant request for "tingles" (a cross between a back rub, scratches and tickles) on his back. I remember that big grin on his face as he succeeded at his third attempt at BUDs graduating to become a Navy SEAL and proudly wear his Trident. I remember his big bear hugs. I remember his humor, determination and love for life. So many memories!
Many of you know of the sacrifice that this young man made three years ago today Aug 2, 2006. Marc made the choice to stand out in the direct line of fire three times that day to defend his buddies. He sacrificed everything, fighting for our freedoms. We have been given the precious gift of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the blood and sacrifice of so many of America's Mighty Warriors. They simply handed it to you. Most of you didn't fight for it, you didn't sacrifice anything, you didn't pay for it. What has it cost you? Many Americans take our freedoms for granted and don't value the gift they have been given. I want to scream HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN the sacrifices of so many brave warriors???? I know the cost! Our family, like so many others have dearly paid the price for you. These were courageous heroes who fought and paid in full, with their blood so you could live a life filled with daily freedoms.
Our country is at risk today of losing those freedoms. We have those in leadership positions in our government who want to change the direction this country is headed. They are trying to take those freedoms away from us and commit political suicide. Don't waste the blood that was shed to give those freedoms to us. Stand up for America! Be courageous and let those in Congress and the Whitehouse know we won't stand for it. Be informed, re-read the Declaration of Independence, know what Bills are being voted on and what's in them. Call your Senators and Representatives and hold them accountable, visit their offices, let them know we will not spend our tax dollars to fund things that are immoral and against the God given rights and Biblical principles. Pray for our nation. Attend Tea-parties and rallies, write letters to the editors.
It takes courage to take a stand and make a difference. I know that God gave Marc the courage to stand and draw fire on himself to save his buddies. I know that God gave Marc the name which means Mighty Warrior. Please today join with me as I remember my sons life and the sacrifice that he made for you and me. If your heart leads, please join with me and make a donation to in Marc's memory to provide the financial support so that I can continue to fight for our troops, their families and families of the fallen. They have sacrificed so much and they deserve our love, support and gratitude.
May God bless you, our troops and protect this nation!
Remembering my hero, my Mighty Warrior, my son.
Marc Alan Lee
Navy SEAL KIA 8-2-06
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Debbie Lee
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