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Greetings and Happy March to everyone,

Hopefully things are starting to warm up where you are and before we know it
Spring will be here.

We have been very busy this past month with National Salute To Hospitalized Veterans and sending out Valentines across the country to VA Hospitals and VA Nursing Homes. We had many outside Volunteers this year too that assisted us in making Valentines. We thank all of you who participated in helping with this project.

We are also really gearing up now for Silver Star Service Banner Day on May 1st and have over 2530 cities and counties that have signed up. We thank all that are working on this project so diligently.

Beginning today GreatNonprofits announced their 2010 Veterans Choice Campaign.  GreatNonprofits, Guidestar, The Silver Star Families of America, and the Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans want to hear about the great nonprofits that are serving the many needs of our veterans and their families.  We would really appreciate if you would participate in this campaign by going in and writing a review about the important work that The Silver Star Families of America does.  The contest begins today and the contest deadline is March 31st, 2010.  So please share your stories with them and if you have pictures of banner presentations or anything relating to The Silver Star Families of America please share them.  Here is the site that you go to to write your review or tell a story.
Our Hospice Program is doing a wonderful job at supplying prayer blankets for our Dying Veterans and beanie babies for any children that may have a family member in a VA Hospice.  We can't forget the children.
We have also just recently started up an online forum called Operation Warrior Watch Forum.  We invite you to please join the online forum.  Many already have and perhaps some questions to some answers might be found out or shared with each other.

While we are decidedly pro military, the mission of the SSFOA is to remember, honor and assist the wounded, ill, injured and dying of our armed forces from all wars.

As such we are mandated to provide assistance\request corrective measures when we find evidence of a problem that concerns our warriors that fall into the above category.  Be it mistreatment, shoddy conditions, lack of medical care, poor housing or other problems, we are here to listen and assist where we can.

If you have experienced or are experiencing improper treatment, we request that you advise us as quickly as possible.

If you have witnessed any of the above, please let us know and provide as much information as possible, including but not limited to:  When, where, what, names and the conditions that apply.

Be advised that we will not be able to correct every problem and all effort should be made to resolve the problem through your chain of command.  Also be advised that the act of investigating itself may reveal your identity.

We will do our best to protect your identity if you wish but we want you to understand all possible outcomes of any investigation we may conduct.

You agree to hold the SSFOA harmless from any and all consequences of us looking into a problem you have reported or for not looking into a problem for any reason. You also agree that any information you provide be accurate to the best of your ability. 

We also just want to remind you about our SSFOA Store and the items that are for sale in it, just go to and in the left hand column  you will find the store, and don't forget about our online ongoing fundraiser with Beary Thoughtful Bears.  A great gift at anytime of the year but with Easter coming up they might look really cute in an Easter Basket. Just go to

Click on the Shop our Online Boutique link.

Let Family and Friends know your online group code for your organization is:

And last but not least we want to thank you for your support and dedication to The Silver Star Families of America.  Without you we couldn't do this alone, we thank you for your volunteering and donations that you have sent to help us to honor the Wounded, Ill and Dying Veteran.  

We would love to hear from you all and please never hesitate to email us with stories and pictures that you might have or any questions. 

God Bless all of you for what you do.


Sunshine Roth
National President, Silver Star Families of America

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