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The GI Bill has always been one of the most valued benefits given to military servicemembers for their military service to our nation. The Montgomery GI Bill has provided educational benefits for our men and women in uniform that has enabled them to receive an education and improve their future prospects. Education has always been highly valued by the military audience. For many, the GI Bill was one of the main reasons they decided to join our all-volunteer military. Congress has passed legislation that makes sweeping improvements to the existing GI Bill. Many view the education they receive in the military as a stepping-stone to their future career. The military education provided by the Montgomery GI Bill turns out some of our nation's best and brightest in areas such as Technology, Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Engineering. The improved Montgomery GI Bill will cover the in-state rate for tuition and fees for the most expensive four-year public college or university in the state where a veteran attends school. The package also includes a monthly living stipend, an annual book allowance, and money for tutorial assistance. But perhaps one of the most valuable changes in the bill is the right to transfer benefits to a military spouse or military children. Our goal at is to become your “go-to” website for resources and information on issues and subjects that are important to the military audience. is your one stop resource center for military education information and resources including the new Montgomery GI Bill, Education Articles and Scholarships. When the next tour is back home, it's on

9/26/2011 HTMLMajor changes to GI Bill in 2011
9/26/2011 HTMLOctober 1st GI Bill Changes
9/23/2011 HTMLThe Post-9/11 GI Bill, For-Profit Colleges, and Value
8/22/2011 HTMLChanges to the Post 9/11 GI Bill Impacting Students
5/10/2011 HTMLWorking With Vets: Former NCO Now takes Care of Troops on Campus
3/21/2011 HTMLSchools Encouraged to Join VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program
1/28/2011 HTMLLights, camera, film school for vets 
8/19/2010 HTMLMore Schools Join Veterans Affairs Tuition Assistance Program
8/3/2010 HTMLPost-9/11 GI Bill Benefits Key to Recruiting and Retention
6/23/2010 HTMLWebb’s GI Bill Meets Obstacles
4/23/2010 HTMLLegion fights for Post-9/11 GI Bill expansion
3/11/2010 HTMLComing Home, Student Vets Face Inner War
10/23/2009 HTMLVA: Calls to student vets about the GI Bill are not a scam
10/9/2009 HTMLAmerican Legion Applauds VA for Swift Action on Emergency GI Bill Payments
10/8/2009 HTMLStudent Veterans Can Apply For Emergency Aid Online
10/8/2009 HTMLGI Bill Students Eligible For Emergency Benefit Payments
9/29/2009 HTMLVet Students Encounter Benefit Funding Delays
9/25/2009 HTML“Yellow Ribbon” Upgrade Increases Job Prospects for Military Vets
9/3/2009 HTMLThousands of Veteran Students Are Feeling the Pressure of VA Department Benefits Delays
8/31/2009 HTMLMilitary Educations Not Recognized by Many Colleges
8/4/2009 HTMLThe American Legion celebrates the inauguration of new Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits
7/30/2009 HTMLGuardsman mentors student veterans on campus
7/24/2009 HTMLNew GI Bill Transfer Options Take Effect Aug. 1
7/20/2009 HTMLGI Bill's wording costs state's student vets
7/20/2009 HTMLTypo Causes Many Veterans’ Post-Army Plans to Be Put On Hold
7/20/2009 HTMLNew Post-9/11 GI Bill Leaves Some States Out In the Cold
7/14/2009 HTMLMore Than 1,100 Colleges and Universities Partner with VA to Improve GI Bill Benefits
7/6/2009 HTMLColleges, Universities Gear Focus to Vets as GI Bill Increases Attendance
6/26/2009 HTMLGI Bill, by the numbers
6/9/2009 HTMLOver 700 Schools Partner with VA to Help Veterans Pay for Education
5/25/2009 HTMLIncreased GI Bill Benefits May Hurt Military Numbers
5/11/2009 HTMLVA emphasizes education before Post 9/11 GI Bill switch
5/8/2009 HTMLVA accepting new GI Bill Applications
5/8/2009 HTMLNew GI Bill Transferability Explained
4/9/2009 HTMLWilliam Jessup University to Offer Full Tuition for Yellow Ribbon Veterans
11/14/2008 HTMLVA Announces “In House” Option to Implement IT Aspects of New GI Bill
11/14/2008 HTMLVA follows Legion's advice: No GI Bill outsourcing
11/14/2008 HTMLVA to hire 350 in new GI Bill’s first phase
9/17/2008 HTMLThe American Legion takes strong stand against outsourcing administration of new GI Bill benefits
8/6/2008 HTMLAdditional Details Released about New GI Bill
7/29/2008 HTMLQuestions, Answers on New Post-9/11 GI Bill
7/29/2008 HTMLOfficials release facts about new GI Bill
7/15/2008 HTMLEducation bills won't fall on families
7/2/2008 HTMLGI Bill For The 21st Century
7/2/2008 HTMLYour New GI Bill
7/2/2008 HTMLHow They Voted – U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 110th Congress 2nd Session
7/2/2008 HTMLSweeping new GI Bill plan gets final approval
7/2/2008 HTMLNew GI Bill – The Supporters
7/2/2008 HTMLStatement by the Press Secretary on War Funding Bill-White House News
7/2/2008 HTMLSuccess for New GI Bill as Bush Veto is Withdrawn

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